Festivals and fairs canceled: 2021 proved masters and needlewomen what hinted 2020


In December 2019, one professor from Harvard during an interview with journalists about what is happening on the market in one of the Chinese provinces, one very important phrase said:

The world will never be the same.

All journalists, and then the spectators have praised together, they say the grandfather pessimist and in general give the way young. But now passed the 2020th, soon will go to Zenith 2021 and many began to understand:


It was a surcharge, the basic idea is further.

So, in general, all handmade masters, artisans and needlewomen can be clearly divided into two large groups. It does not matter what they do that they produce, the difference between them in another:

How they sell their products.

First group of masters

Second group of masters

And now we will connect the promotion and grouping into one.

A few years ago, we began to notice that the masters more and more complain about the decline in sales. Participation in exhibitions and fairs has become not such a profitable business. If 10 years ago, the craftswoman with one fair could well buy a mink fur coat, now it is quite possible to fly in minus.

Here, of course, the fall in the buying ability of people played his role — we just began to live poorer. The advantage of the masters was many times more — rose competition. Many came to this business hoping to cut down money on an easy money, without spending effort and stamps of frankly halmary products. In addition, the element of novelty was gone — first, handmade products were in a novelty, now many «found» and buy only frankly cool and quality work.

And then in the 2020th all sat down at home, no fairs and festivals were held. Those who have long developed their groups in social networks continued to actively earn. Those who traveled in fairs and festivals — left in minus.

In 2021, it will be better.

To confess, I thought so too.

In the spring, many organizers announced the holding of festivals, a chance appeared to return to the former «nomadic» life. Three days ago, Rospotrebnadzor issued an indication of the incompetence of mass events. The first, literally the day before the discovery, was canceled the festival Administration of Bazhovka and Ilmenki. Shortly before this, the world of Siberia, the invasion, the Grushinsky festival closed. The Spasskaya Fair is recorded, but whether it will be not known.

And what are we going to?

The conclusion suggests itself and most of the foreign masters have long made it: you need to sit at home and develop workshops, our groups and the Internet community. Now, as never has made demand for master classes, individual excursions, conducting family events. Therefore, those masters who were concerned with the creation of their personal brand, will win their big workshop.