Favorite instrument of art glass wizard.


The absolute majority of visitors to our workshop are confident that we were born with glass cutters in your hands, we spend all day with them and, probably, even sleep with them.

So, by the way, it was. When we first ordered a tool for the workshop, and then, in two weeks, got a cherished parcel … It was a buzz (I apologize for my French). Unpacked a gem box with a tool, I long considered a heavy, cast brass and steel glass cutter, refueling it with oil, cut down a few pieces of window glass on the sample, sat on the sofa and read the instruction how to keep it right … and fell asleep. At night, I dreamed of some kind of Belibard, they dragged somewhere, beat the hooligans, rolled on some cobblestones, and I found a glass cutter in the morning in the morning. Tin!

But what is the surprise of people when they find out that we can not take the glass cutters in your hands!

But without one tool it is not necessary. Without it, we are without hands. It is with the help of this tool that can be obtained curvilinear products made of glass. The glass cutter is good for smooth cuts, wide curved curves, but concave curves and small details to obtain solid torment. And in some cases it is simply not possible to do. So it turns out that the masters cut the glass cutter large sheets of glass into smaller details, and everything else time is simply inseparable with their favorite tool.

Today I did the blanks for the New Year sets — it will be small brooches-badges in the shape of a mittens, hats and boots. Then we will form them beautifully, throw in glass paints, add decor elements … And all this was done without the participation of glass cutter at all! Instead of him…

Zag-zag is used.

Zag-Zag is special leaps for art glass, which are designed to bite the small-small pieces from a sheet glass with a thickness of 3 mm. Do not break the sheet entirely. With the help of these bodies, you can work wonders, cutting with almost lace from fragile material.

The very name of the German language is translated as Kus-Kus or Dzin-Jin, Zlyak-Zial, that is, as some kind of unknown garbage, which loudly clasters.

In fact, it happens. When the master breaks the glass with these bodies, then the loud sound of the Coc Coca is heard, and when there is no masters in parallel, the Master class is held, then the Cocanier is distributed to the whole Ivanovskaya, as if the Tabun horses running on the pavement.

ZAG-Zag is two handles, which are either connected by a flexible metal plate or screw with a pliers type. Two round disk from a particularly durable alloy are attached to the handles, which break the glass.

In our work, we use the three types of stalls of one and the ongoing German manufacturer — Bole (Bohle). The top photographs contain the cheapest zaggi (about 1,500 rubles stand), they are not even equipped with a bag for collecting glass crumbs.

The manufacturer seems to hint: you want more convenience of pay more — buy more expensive. However, to our surprise, these breakners are the most comfortable. And if they put some plastic jar to them, then there are no prices to this tool!

In the photo below the Zag-Zag of the Polisoff category. And if the first plugs are more like Zaporozhets, extremely homeless, but very reliable apparatus, then the lower tool is a sort of Lada Vesta. Beautiful red addict, with a bag for collecting glass crumbs. Only the handle is made of light alloy, which in time is chosen, the spring plate from intensive work quickly comes into disrepair and it throws it.

And so? And so she’s a dream!

But why pay 3,500, if you can give two times less and getting almost the same thing?

Third plugs are Mercedes in the world of leaders. All such high-tech, super reliable, super expensive … Even spare parts are worth the spare parts from Mercedes.

Each roller is a thousand.


But in these bodies there are one (even two!) There is a very big defect, for which I want to interrogate the manufacturer with great addiction and, possibly, with the use of medieval torture torture.

But about it in the next article!

Here you met, dear readers, with the most important tool of the art glass master. And if your plans ever do this interesting and exciting business, then … you already know what you need to love yourself or even more!

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