Everything is not like people: all over the world signed work is made for increasing profits, in Russia for the sake of surviving

For some time (as many as five days), we started signing increasingly smaller work from the glass. Not in the sense that we take a handle and sign or put signatures in the photos.

Just now almost all of our watches, panels, large expensive dishes and vases on the reverse side have a special stamp — a gold print in glass. This stamp will not work out to be removed by any chemical means, just break or read by sandpaper.

What do you think, why is it done?

To protect yourself from thieves?

Sweeze pride?

Not at all.

This stamp indicates that the work that man acquired is the author, it is made by the hands of the master.

The product acquires the status of signed work.

Almost everywhere, the presence of the author’s signature at work is the condition that the work will be estimated by 30-40% more expensive. For example, on the island of Murano, you can buy a beautiful author’s vase or a statuette in the family glasswork workshop. This thing will cost 500 euros. And she can be made not only by the master of the workshop, but also his sons, students, just hired employees who are given the right to blow products independently. And next to the shelf will stand exactly the same vase or statuette, but by 30%, 40% or even half more expensive.


Because she with a master’s signature. And this signature suggests that the work done the master personally. Not a student or worker, but the master itself!

And now we began to sign our work.

Fix the workshop into the glass into the glass.

But completely for a different reason with which we encountered literally the other day.

We were ordered a series of works from glass and the customer directly asked to make an intimate stamp on every work, as the evidence that the work was not purchased in China or somewhere else, but is made in Russia and is the author.

I will say without false modesty, over the past year-two, the level of our work seriously grows, more and more often the perfectionist is rejoiced in me. But this desire for constant growth has a reverse side. We began to ask and what are you doing? Do not resell products made in China or even in Italy, Venice, Murano.

Of course, when our work begin to compare with the works of foreign craftsmen, it is very nice. But when they doubt, and not in China, you order it — it’s a shame. Therefore, everyone who doubts I give a link to this blog so that the person can read about the life of our workshop, our work, successes and lesions.

It seems to me that the work is now simply a need. Only so you can fight the dominance of Chinese products, since the signature is proof of the manual work of a particular author.

The other day I happened to visit the major trading center of our city — the mistress of one of the departments of jewelry offered to take them our decorations for the implementation. According to her, she already cooperates with several masters. I got acquainted, talked, a very nice woman.

It was embarrassed only one … I was demonstrated by the shelf with the decorations of the masters. Good work. But, I look at the jewelry of one master (and I have a photographic memory for such things) and I understand that I have already seen such jewelry. The house rummaged to Aliexpress … You already understood what I found there. The Chinese brooch for 120 rubles was issued by one of the «masters» for the author and was sold for 2500! Can I use the word stars? But by this «Master» substituted not only an entrepreneur (what a scandal will be, if people find what I found), but also other masters. Cheating once, a person will be with a very big doubt to look at other copyright.

On jewelry stamp, of course, you will not put, but … to a passport or certificate for the most expensive decorations and kits, probably, soon come.

Dear masters, colleagues, and you sign your work?

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