Everything is lost.


That ended the Bazhov Festival of 2019. This is a sign event for all masters, artisans, artists and simply passionately by the manual work of people of the Ural region and not only. Many masters we were strained with other areas. With us near, for example, there were two wonderful masters from Udmurtia.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday passed in a wild pace, not letting to relax for a minute. Miraculously managed to break out a couple of hours a day to walk around the rows, pith a picture, chat with masters. And this is despite the fact that all the load on sales is traditionally brought by Natalia, it is her charismatic «sales», I and children on pickup.

Now it is still early to do some certain conclusions, we did not consider exactly everything that was sold, did not analyze the price and commodity groups, so I will tell only about several surface observations.

Subjectively, the festival guests were a little more than last year, although with 100% confidence I cannot vouch for it, maybe I walked around the ranks too early. Although the first, and the second photo was made at about the same time — Saturday morning.

Already on Saturday morning, the main parking was occupied completely and the guests were redirected to an additional one in the forest. In this regard, volunteers and warriors worked well.

I will immediately say on the organization and place of the festival. The Bazhov Festival every two years always changes its deployment. Moves throughout the Chelyabinsk region (good it is big).

This year is the second for the festival in the Platovsky district of the Chelyabinsk region. Demarino village is a beautiful place: pond, coniferous forest, sun, air, river, big glades … and here is an open place, dry and hot steppe wind and terrible, or a removed dust. Going through a dusty vest, felt like him Sir Lawrence Arabian and waited for a raider of Bedouins.

Dust scores everything you can. Well, we have glass, rubbed a rag and everything is as new (and all boxes under the decorations are on the release). But the wizards with soft toys, soap, clothes, dolls were just in shock. And it repeats the second year in a row. In my opinion, this place was completely not suitable for the festival or you need to make an asphalt track. Solar Valley in Miass (for the first time — when the wizards on the asphalt were standing) was much better fit. Yes, and the souls there was normal, human. Here, in Demarino from the conditions — the blue houses for needs. Well, the pond is to wash your feet.

As for sales.

A lot of masters complained about sales, earned much less than last year, and last year worse than in the previous year, and so on. So, Izhevsk wizards with ceramics were able to distinguish only the road, while their neighbors from Chelyabinsk did revenue five times more! Among the ceramic and gonchars were also traders of manuff and semi-industrial production. You understand, such a neighborhood of the masters of great profits did not bring.

There were a lot of mediocre needlers with epoxy resin («Login» in this technology worth a penny). You can even say too much, respectively, sales shared on them all, two of my acquaintances swear greatly to newbies: «Cut the laser from plywood cartoon and sell their badges for a penny.» Nearby stood steampunk brooches, too, with epoxy and sales were frighteningly small.

Despite the strict screening, cervices and dealers were noticed in the ranks of the masters. In the bath rows stood sellers of moonshine and boxes for smoking the factory assembly. In another place in one row with the masters stood a discoversion, which traded untes and winter shoes two times cheaper than masters, who have a really handmade shoes, very high quality and beautiful.

Very well bought wicker baskets (really good quality), woven mats, but masters with traditional painting on dishes, distribution, etc. Sad sat. Many for all three days earned 8-12 thousand. There were also those who have already leaving on Saturday, and not selling anything. Passing around the rows, I heard the masters with offend and and sadness expressed: «Do not appreciate! Not for sale! Weak!».




Sales are very good!

The Bazhovsky festival, with all his pros and insignificant minuses — the best, he is just girder, charismatic, just need … you need … Stop, I’ll sit and tomorrow I will write special about demand (right now I have come interesting now).

In general, our workshop took part worthy, the financial plan, of course, were fulfilled only by 80%, but it was too big for themselves for themselves. And many of us were looking for us in the place where we stood last year. And we already had another place, but the same successful!

Tomorrow I will try to write a great article on sales, after which I will tell more detail about what I saw beautiful.

I will sit all day, write articles and process photos.

Tomorrow in the workshop, cleaning, master classes, new works.

Soon a new trip … We are waiting for Kungur, «Heavenly Fair» and … Concert of the beloved group «Brothers Grim».