Empty streets, running through fences and patrols with sticks: how two pensioners-needlewomen in India live right now


Most recently, I.

At 8.00 pm, everyone announced that citizens were forbidden to appear on the street. The owner of the house — Serate, came running to us, and will ask whether to live in the house or go. If we stay, then you need to buy water and more food. No one knows how long there will be restrictions. All taxes and purchases were given only three hours, after that they remove patrols.

Near the adjacent store instantly formed a queue. We were lucky, we were in the top ten, bought a lot of croup, fruit, seasonings, bread. They scored four large packages in addition to what was in the house. According to approximate calculations, it may be enough for a month if no more.

The first patrol appeared after five hours and immediately allowed into the course of the stick. From our balcony, it was clearly visible, as he drove along the streets of beggars and some other dirty and untidy people. They ran to the end of the street, where the road rests on the ravine, at the bottom of which a small river flows, more similar to the stream.

The police announced that it is impossible to go out without a large need from the house in the morning and before the evening. At night, you can go to shops, pharmacies, by mail, throw notes in special drawers for appeals.

In the evening, I managed to go to the sea several times, swim. The shore was absolutely empty, no one! Even the remnants of tourists were not shown on the beach — everyone sit at home.

Nobody removes anything on the streets. There before it was not particularly clean, but now the pigsty is now. In order not to give God to not catch anything, many people do not go out, sit at the fences, and the debris thrown through the fence right outside. There are also flying, and other waste of vital activity. Stenha stands terrible.

After three days, they announced that with the 25th number of restrictions, they were tightened and to go out into the street at all. Everyone must sit at home. And again we were lucky — I managed to buy 4 more packages with products. Exactly the day from the store dare all. There were absolutely empty shelves — no one knows anything, so the local bought everything that is for the last money.

A complete limitation was introduced for three weeks, and warned that it would be possible to extend it. The streets of our town completely detects.

Every 30 minutes the street passes the patrol, armed with large sticks. Sometimes it is accompanied by the military in shape with weapons. Each time the patrol intersects the doors of the houses, the wickets leading to the courtyards — everything should be closed. Otherwise, a big fine is possible in a quarantine prison.

We called several times about the fact that it was bad to treat foreigners, they say that they are to blame. Nothing like this. Maybe this is somewhere in other towns, but not in our — everyone is sitting on the houses, no one goes anywhere. The violators are hit by the sticks mercilessly.

The police do not make the difference between Europeans and the local, once the violator — get.

If you are european and break the order, then you are not so worth it, as it should. Therefore, get a stick on the back. It is not possible to say that the Europeans beat the Europeans.

Local came to go from the house to the house not through the streets, but through the fences — this does not see the police. The beggars live in ravines, right there sleep and drink water, walk along the ravage along the fences, shout up and ask for food.

The only residents of streets — Pigs, part released, part broke away from the owners and ran away, and since it is impossible to go outside — they run, shit and run. Collect squirrels along the fences, grow in the ravine. Everything that remains to do is sit, watch TV, work on the Internet, communicate with friends and relatives.

There were thoughts to leave, but now it’s too late. Before Delhi or Jaipur is very far away, and the borders of the cities are blocked. Areas are chatted by the police, and the borders of cities and villages are blocked by the military. Trains do not go, airplanes do not fly, closed temples, pharmacies, shops, everything on the castle.

Even with a great desire, nothing can be bought. As soon as someone appears on the street and the police notices him, sticks immediately. So we live, listening to the swear of the neighbors, knocking sticks and grunts of hungry pigs. True, recently began to turn off the electricity (blackouts), sitting in the dark is not so pleasant, during the day without air conditioning on 39 degree heat, too, little pleasant.

Naturally, nobody buys decorations now and does not sell, everything is closed. Therefore, we do everything to the future, we hope that everything is formed.

We also have in