Easy way to save on heating: Russia is the only country that does not use them.


Take a look at this photo.

Do not notice anything strange?

True nothing?

I give a tip — in the background.

And no Russian man will find anything strange in this photo. Top! But it is worth showing it to any foreigner … questions will arise. And among them will definitely be the following:

Why did you open the windows in the winter? What was not at night?

In the photo, by the way, the city of Magnitogorsk, December 1979. Just put a Christmas tree in the middle of the world — soon the garlands and toys will be posted on it. On the street — 20, the passers-by Zyabko rummaged to the Soviet analogues of Columbia, hurry in their passersby cases. And at the same time in half of the apartments are broken out the windows, and in some places there are windows.

What to do, they used to be treated so that Mom often asked her son:

Treaten former, and there is nothing to breathe.

Never thought why it happens? The answer to this question is very simple:

-We are so accustomed.

And this habit goes its roots to the post-war USSR. After the Patriotic War in the USSR, seriously thought about ensuring all Soviet people with new comfortable housing. And the most important comfort condition is warm even in the most crowded winter.

In 1954, SNiP «Heating and Ventilation» was developed. This document took into account everything, ranging from the thickness of the wall, material, insulation, ending with the direction of the wind. So dedantically approached the projectors to ensure people with comfortable housing. On the importance of SNIPA, the fact that 12 institutes participated in its development, 16 bureau, 47 committees.

And most importantly, this document first fastened that the right rule: in the residential premises there should be at least 22 degrees of heat with air humidity in 60%

But since the USSR was always treated with a reserve, most of the Soviet people simply opened the vents or even windows. To have something to breathe. The benefit of resources for heating is more than enough.

The time passed, but the requirements of the first post-war SNIPA moved to Snip 1958, 1964, 1987, 1991 and even 2019. Russia has resources to fulfill the requirements of this document.

In all other countries (Africa, I do not take into account, there is no such problem there) resources are much more limited, so they are customary to save. In all European countries, in the United States, Canada and even Asian countries, it is customary to save on heating reducing the comfortable temperature in housing.

For example, in England, a comfortable temperature in the bedroom is considered +16, in Finland +18, in Japan +15, in Australia and Italy, it is not installed at all, so in the winter the premises can not hide at all. For example, they even have in schools (in winter !!! at +7) no heating — the municipalities lack money.


My familiar three years ago decided to go to Poland in the fall, drink beer, eat sausages. I drove to the hotel, and there is a branch of the freezer of Biryusa. At the request to include heating, an elderly Pole — the owner of the institution — with a good-pre-person picked his finger into the closet and said:

Panya, coal are brought to us only at the beginning of winter. Warm blankets in the shaf

As it was cold at night, do not convey words. The whole family climbed one big bed, threw all the available blankets, and the children were trying to drag the blanket all night and climb deep into the center. The guys on their own experience learned how the penguins retain warmth in Cold Antarctic.

A colleague on work after the winter trip to Italy was sitting on a hospital with a cold, disappeared herself with a grief tea with sea buckthorn, and at work dragged the computer directly to the battery and only a month later I allowed the «girls» to drive a window to be … so she He frowned in this southern country in the winter.

So we have something small, but still a reason to have to do.