Earnings on manual work in the Crimea: Results of intelligence


Good day to all!

That came to the end our small journey to the affectionate Black Sea. We did not succeed in the beach holiday, and we were not for this we were driving. As mad horses we slipped throughout the southern coast of the Crimea, visited almost all the largest and most significant palaces, went around a lot of shopping centers, boutiques, shops, showrooms, sanatoriums, etc.

And now, after eight days, we will make some conclusions on the question of interest: can I go to the south (and specifically, in Crimea) to trade handwork?

The answer is unequivocal: you can.

You can go and need. A negotiate with local trade will work out.

On the Embankment of Yalta Trade (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) — will cost 3 thousand per day. This money is fought off, and easily. But it’s very difficult to «climb» here.

Rental cost Rollet (small shop in front of the beach) — from 200 to 300 thousand per season. This amount is fought off, but it all depends on what kind of goods you have, what kind of passability and how many holidaymakers come. The overall exhaust will be generally not very big — the most part will eat horse rental.

With handmade work, you can go on specially organized fairs (cost from 2 thousand per day). In the high season pays off repeatedly, at the beginning of the season pays off, but the profit is not so big. It all depends on the goods — the local souvenir, you know, do not buy at all, and in general they live very modestly. Major buyers are tourists.

With handmade work, you can participate in the fairs of masters on all sorts of holidays. Participation or free (as, for example, in Sevastopol) or for money — from 2 thousand for the event (for example, in Yalta).

Handmade masters with pleasure are invited to trade in the sanatorium. Fee for a table a day from 300 to 1000 rubles per day. Feels instantly in high season, it makes sense to trade five to six times a month in one sanatorium to ensure sustainable demand.

You can trade with handmade in the court territories, but then how to negotiate — from 500 rubles to two thousand rubles a day. You can agree and for free, for example, in the Livadia Palace, but it will be a «ass world», wherever no one comes from tourists, while all the excursions will end in the local souvenir shop in Chinese junk.

Master of handmade in principle can take its products for the implementation of the souvenir shops on the embankment. But it all depends on the degree of mast penetibility — as he agrees, which mocks the owner of the point and how much can be moved at the price.

Stretch and small shops make sense to take our products, since they need a large exhaust, and the master will not be able to do this discount. Plus always a big risk of what can throw.

In general, we can conclude that it is possible to trade on the coast manual work. I personally met several masters who come for all summer to Sevastopol and Yalta, take off housing, rent a workshop (for 10-12 thousand rubles a month) and successfully traded.

So far, everything, in the next article, let’s talk, which is most of all in demand, with which product you need to commence.

Tomorrow morning we go back home. After that, we are waiting for two weeks of intense work and the first large departure trade this year. There will be a full report.