Crystal vase weighing 1.2 tons.


As you know, Tsar Vaza is made of jasper and is stored in the Hermitage. But few know that there is another king vase, which was made of lead glass (that is, from crystal) as a gift for one very famous person.

You probably have already guessed to who could give such a vase?

Yes, yes, yes, it is him.

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin.

At the seventieth anniversary, which the whole country celebrated December 21, 1949. The celebration of the anniversary of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR was extremely solemn. From all over the country in Moscow, the endless flow groces. Post offices were simply littered with small, medium, large and just huge boxes.

Gifts were visited by special delegations: from labor collectives, from the party leadership of the republics, from ordinary Soviet drones. In total, Stalin was awarded more than 23 thousand gifts. Of these, only the VAZ was 618 pieces. The largest were two — Vase of the Leningrad Plant of Art Glass and Vase of the Kiev Plant of Art Glass.

There was not a competition between these plants that the competition, but even a real war. And the other plant wanted to make the largest and most beautiful vase. Leningraders went to the «military» trick and published a small note in the city newspaper that Vase is preparing for the anniversary of Stalin «

The Kiev residents decided to overfast colleagues and made a vase with a reserve — weighing 800 kilograms. Unfortunately, the masters of this plant did not guessed with the chemical composition of the glass and before shipping to Moscow Vaz buzzed. I had to urgently wrap half a vase in the bronze salary and say that «it was so conceived.»

So it turned out that the Leningrad Glass Glass Plant was made by the largest Vaza. 1200 kilograms of matte and transparent crystal. Vase represented a huge Cup, consisting of 16 signs in the number of Soviet Socialist Republics in the USSR. The foundation of the Cup also consisted of 16 «bricks», in each of which simple workers were depicted in national costumes, demonstrating the successes of the Soviet industry, science, culture, agriculture.

Author Vaza Fedor Semenovich Entelis, the same sculptor, which 10 years before the anniversary of Stalin cast a single piece

After the anniversary of the «Leningrad» and «Kiev» vases were kept in the Kremlin. But with the coming to power of the Great Cornguard, the Gifts Foundation was disbanded. The «Kiev» Vaza left back to Ukraine and long exposed to the plant’s museum. Footprints of the Tsar Vaza of the Leningrad Art Glass Plant were lost. In the archives, no mention of this vase I did not find where she was now, I did not know.

If anyone knows how her destiny was formed, please write!