Closed self-employment despite the good earnings: the cons that many people do not know


When our favorite state announced self-employment, many perceived this regime as a gift of fate. Including me. Having stayed in this status 1 year, 1 month and 13 days, from self-employment I had to refuse.

Why? There are four simple reasons:

It is impossible to take a loan (at least in the province).

I’m not bum, I get a lot, give a loan!

But it is only ideally. What happens in practice?

I am going to buy a new car, came to the salon, chose a model, waved as a certificate in front of the credit specialist. Seeing my income, she calmed down:

With this income, any bank will give you a loan. Especially for the car, the initial contribution 50% you pay.

After 15 minutes, it fell:

In fact, self-employed for the bank — worse homeless. In the scoring programs of the bank self-employed is not as a fact. There are: Physly, Jurliso and IP. The fourth is not given.

For the bank, we do not differ from the unemployed. One bank even doubted that my reference was real and threatened by the police.

Of the 24 banks refused 22!

Some for the kind apologized and even tried to be something helpful.

How? Well, what, not quite respected Rosgosstrakh bank, can you be useful if you did not give a loan? But when I opened an IP, called one of the first:

«Do you want to open a settlement account?»

Thank you, settle!

The two remaining bank charged a loan under such a percentage that I choked when I learned the amount of overpayment. Plus, the generousness of the souls threw insurance, health, property, full Casco, and insurance against loss of work !!!

Guys, what are you smoking, I don’t work for anyone!

I read the contract and directly physically felt that between the lines invisible ink it was written:

Walking to you 5 years in shorts and one T-shirt even in winter.

I don’t even want to hear any credit on business development, your beloved business.

When you are self-employed and pay taxes, for the state you are an honest taxpayer. On this gingerbread everything!

About paying taxes and sleep quietly heard everything. Feeling at the framework of the so-called legal field is just great! But sometimes this legal field becomes a miracle field.

Want an example? Yes please!

When self-employed translates large amounts to the accounts of legal entities, for example, to buy glass. That this very state completely forgets about your status of self-employed, and your translation can block.

Do you know for what reason?

Very simple: Patamushta!

How so, an individual pays a quarter of a million of some ohth to Moscow for incomprehensibly some glass and from America!

And you have forced long and tediously explain the bodies of financial control that you are not an elephant, not a giraffe, do not finance world terrorism, do not consist of related links with Usama Benland, is not associated with American intelligence, the State Department, CIA, FBI, Mi6, do not make charity The contribution to the Navalny Foundation and, in general, you are not Navalny, and despite the Ukrainian surname, you are Russian, a citizen of Russia, not refugee (there was a question!).

And at the other end of the «wire» sits a young girl who knows three memorized phrases, and she deeply put on all your problems … She sincerely does not understand the man’s man from the Ural depths of so many stained glass.

No pension.

It’s just something!

First, in my native Magnitogorsk just to live to a pension in itself a feat. But I’m stubborn, I will try …

Secondly, self-employed retirement at 70 years and receives a social retirement.

That is, self-employment is inherently a Gentelmen Treaty with the state: you pay the minimum tax and we are behind you, but they deal with the pension himself.

Pension becomes like a bright dream of Russian. But a dream is a dream. I have 12 years of experience. Therefore, it was decided to finish another 3 years to those required by law 15 years of experience and minimum points.

With self-employed, IP and Yurlitz do not like to work.

For example, we needed to update the site. Found a good company, discussed the details, transferred to the clarification of the props of the parties. The result you see. And even his forehead about the wall of Baisya — the result is one:

In many respects, the tax, which is very closely wool off the Agreement of Jurlitz with self-employed, suspecting in the most harmless deal from taxes or blackly detected.



I do not argue, there are cases of successful cooperation, but the failures we get much more often.

Can not be obtained licensed.

Although before the workshop, it is worth a queue from those who want to sit, chat, make a joint one beautiful thing. There is a very big request from people to study. For the conduct of educational activities in a civilized level (with the issuance of documents) a license is needed. Her self-employed does not have the right — only IP or Jurlitsa.

Any arrival of the tax «to visit» will mean an automatic penalty and subsequent total control over any television. It is terrible to stand in front of the beloved state in the pose of Romberg.

What else to say? And nothing! Self-employment is closed, the 8th did, probably, the most stupid act in his life — opened the IP.