Chris Wood — Sculptor selling a rainbow for 1.000.000 dollars

Good … uh

Good day, friends!

How do you imagine the decoration of a boring office space? Although no, I will not tire you with stupid questions, I will tell you myself. As a rule, this happens something like that.

On Monday, the high bosses comes to work, inspects an eagle look a seamy office and understands that Monday has come, the working time is ticking, and no one wants to work from subordinates. And even the bosses itself.

Therefore, you need … No, I have not guess. No, raise the salary. No, do not write a premium. And do not even register everything by the first number.

High superiors decides that you need to decorate the office of something dared. So that it was beautiful and created the feeling of staff that it is located on the island of Bali, and not in the semi-basement room of LLC «PHYANDING, LTD».

The designer is invited, which runs something there measures, fussing, decides the question of texture, trends, fashion, color (where to buy cheaper, how to slip more expensive as a rollback is asked).

And again on Monday, it appears this is the «fee». They are going to be attended by the whole office on him, stare exactly 10 minutes and diverge. Subordinates do not work further, the designer is pleased with earnings, the bosses heats up with a kickback. What about work? Yes, God is with her. A week later, the bosses will be at Bali.

Is it all what?

And to the fact that in Misty Albiona (read the intact British), there is a very unusual sculptor on glass, which does not pay anything, does not sch, and does not even blow. He is engaged in changing public spaces, when instead of a boring office or a dull foyer of the bank, the transition of the airport appears a piece of magic filled with and carved by rainbow.

The name is this sculptor — Chris Wood.

And this is a stunning woman!

Remember at the beginning of the article I talked about how 99.99% of designers work. Chris Wood enters the remaining 0.01% of the masters, who work not as everything. After it is hired to create something «disinterested», she comes to a boring office and …

Sits there for a week!

Just sitting …

Just looks …

Just draws …

Just leaves …

It takes a week to myself in a workshop where it sits and thinks.

… And then, in the boring space, the magic appears — Rainbow.

Do you know why she sits a whole week?

She sketches light streams!

Scrupulously, minute a minute, hour over an hour, she watches how the rays of the sun illuminate the office, as the lighting changes when the ceiling lights turn on where the lamps are shining, and even as the moon shines. It creates a light scheme of space, after which it goes into the workshop and loads the data into the computer.

With the help of the machine, the model is created and the lighting center is determined, the trajectory of the light movement is calculated and the special dichroic glass is selected under it, which can refract the light and allocate only the waves of a certain length from it.

And it turns out … Rainbow.

It can be a suspended installation on thin cables, and can be a panel of glass laid into the wall, thick glass strips are glued to the mirror, small squares raised by the trading center above the stairs.

No matter how, most importantly, where. Chris Wood has a stunning little on the light, it finds such a place that is always lit, and from which the rays of the sun will carry the rainbow throughout the space.

Chris Wood works are attracted by visitors. From them it is simply impossible to tear off, I want to stand, look, enjoy beauty.

Naturally, the advertisers could not pass by such a discovery, so the craftswoman is now embrace — she decorates showcases of leading firms of the world, the most expensive and fashionable manufacturers of elite goods and luxury goods.

Now Chris Wood is actively working in Japan and China, the largest trade firms of these countries can afford to install in the lobby and the trading center installation worth 1-2 million dollars.

Although it is worth it … What do you think?

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