Choose accessories for jewelry: materials and sellers


Two most frequently asked questions:

-What accessories for jewelry do you use?

-Where do you buy it?

And we always answer these questions in the same way: commercial mystery.

On this, the article is over, we divorce comrades.

There is really no commercial secrecy. Just part of the accessories for jewelry we buy, and some of the fittings do us on special order one jeweler who cooperates only with our workshop and anymore else. Therefore, from the fact that we are indicated on it to another will not be any sense. The name of Jeweler Elizabeth is our daughter:

Lisa makes for us all the silver fittings for jewelry, which is subsequently covered by rhodium or oxidized for greater shine. The standard thickness of parental and oxidation is 12 microns, for us 24 microns are made. Yes, it turns out more expensive, but nothing smelters and does not black (although it all depends on the type of pH of the skin and the peculiarities of wearing jewelry).

Everything else is purchased on the following venues (of course, it would be possible to insert partnerships here and receive money for every transition along them, but then I could be reproached in advertising, and there was no it on this channel):

99 Beads

Russian filigree



Regarding Russian Filigues and 99 Beads — everything is clear here, these are Rashi domestic resources and the choice is extremely wide.

Take what you want!

About Ibia and Alice. We have no selected sellers, where there is a product that comes to our requirements, we buy there. Since we buy for large sums, then we get a good discount.

As for the materials.

At the very beginning of our activity, we often bought accessories on the mind, without disaster. Tested, tried, experimented. Brass and the so-called jewelry alloy, silver, bronze, steel, and even at the request of one client staged gold. Some of these experiments still lies in the closet. It seems not to garbage, but we can no longer put them on our decorations.

Now for decorations, we use accessories from the following materials:

pure silver;

-Serbro coated from Rhodium or oxidation;

-Bush brass with silverness and parental;

-surgical steel.

The main preference is given to surgical steel and clean silver or silver with rhodium. It is these materials that are very pleasant tactile and do not darken. Surgical steel so generally eternal material. If you buy material on Chinese resources, ask the seller to show the certificate to the material where it should be specified: ANSI (preferably 304 or 316L).

It looks very advantageous with silver fittings, especially if silver is covered with rhodium or oxidized. Such accessories in many are sold to Aliexpress, but I do not advise you to buy it. Children Comrade C save on expensive coating, and with the stated 12 microns, the layer thickness rarely reaches 7-8. Chinese coating very quickly grieves and silver begins to black.

My personal advice: Look for masters from Yekaterinburg, Peter and Kostroma. It is there that make the best Silver Silver Silver. Everything else (I do not argue you can find good quality) lottery.

Where do you buy accessories for jewelry?

Have preferences?

If you have questions, ask, with pleasure will reply.

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