China should urgently compensate for damages: on Aliexpress Soon a big sale


Despite the screams of journalists that everything was gone, vampirus viruses have collapsed China’s economy and everything will be very bad for us, the Chinese labor army lived, alive and will live.

Do not believe the speculation, the Chinese economy is more lively alive!


It’s no secret that, because of the «successfully» of the crown enclosure, the supply of goods from this country stood with a cola. The delay in the delivery of goods on the Logistic Warehouse Aliexpress was from 15 to 50 days. Plus customs, plus transportation in China and Russia, plus something lost on the road. Or stolen.

Total, direct losses of Chinese manufacturers over the past three months amounted to a dealerskolkolion dollars.

Naturally, it is necessary to somehow compensate. The Chinese are very lucky again: the fact is that at the end of March (28 numbers) turns 10 years, how this marketplace began to work.

Therefore, instead of slogan:

«Cheers Quarantine passed and we are still alive»


«We are ten years old — get a discount of up to 70%.»

Well, if no joke, then to correct the trade balance, the Chinese need to urgently show that trade is actively restored. Therefore, from March 28 to April 1, a large sale is a big sale — each merchant on this platform has obliged to reduce prices, at least formally.

When and how will this celebrate a hidden celebration?

From 11:00 pm in Moscow on March 21 to 11 am March 27 — declared predissery. That is, the goods at the promotional price can be put in the basket. For this, the future buyer additionally gives a coupon for a certain discount (in rubles).

From 11:00 o’clock in Moscow on March 27 and to 11.00 am on April 1 — the sale itself will go. That is, you go to the site and buy selected things, additionally taking advantage of the coupon.

How to get the maximum discount?

At first entrance to the site immediately gives a coupon — from 150 to 700 rubles.

The site will be built in mini-games, playing in which you can get a coupon.

On March 27, the center of coupons opens, where the draw between visitors to the site will be held.

When adding goods to the basket (not when buying, but simply when adding goods), the buyer will be given coins that can be exchanged for a discount coupon. Therefore, you can pose a couple of hundreds of goods to the basket and get for this a good number of coupons.

Consider, the Chinese often indicate «linden» discounts on the goods. In order not to get to hear, it is advisable to go to the site until March 21 and rewrite all the price tags for the goods you are interested in. So you will know exactly what the discount is not linden.

I have access to the prices that will be for the period from March 28 to April 1, according to some positions, for example, accessories for jewelry, products for creativity discounts will be significant.

But I repeat, only for some positions!

We also have in