How to safely cut a grinder board together with nails, screws and even crutches

The last month on Zen is just a tree of articles on how someone spied at someone and did something with something … For example, we attached a saw blade from the circular to the grinder, and now died with this disk any tree, which Come on hand.

Of course, you can saw a disc. Especially if carefully. Only there are situations when carefully does not work. The disk climbs, Bulgarian pulls out of her hands, and she flies not somewhere in the stratosphere, as many are sure, and right in …

Yes, yes, it is there and flies.

And okay if it just cuts the pants or chirkant in zero «bells» and all the other men’s prubasters, but noee!

Have you ever seen the wounds from the Bulgarian?


No? I have seen!

And I saw a person from the dissected, the knees are pulled out with nail disc chips.

It was a little pleasant. As I remember, Brrrrrr!

In the case of a gear disk, the wound is much deeper and more serious. But all the danger is that men in the very place there is some particularly important «coming» arteries. If it is damaged, it will not work out such a wound in any way, the person has exactly 12-15 minutes. During this time, no ambulance get to the place to pick up the victim and bring it to the operation will not be able.

That is, the logic is iron: the wrong disk is an imminent injury — 15 minutes to say goodbye — a joyful meeting with the apostle Peter and the analysis of the behavior on the highest pedal track.

And since I do not like pedal tracks from childhood in any form, I prefer to use what directly indicate safety rules. And they say unequivocally: it is forbidden to use on the ears any discs with teeth.


Therefore, everything has long been invented to us: if you need to cut the boards or make notches in the birings — go to the store and buy a special disk called «Multireps».

Manufacturers of such discs Mass: There are Bosch, Milwaukee, Festul, Zubr, Caliber, Practice, etc. I use two: bosch and bison.

If you think that there was a conscious choice, I will say honestly — no. Just went to the store and bought what was. And was Bosch. I used them about a month, and then «lost.» And, as it was called, there was a need to cut a lot of and many siding siding and small boards with nails.

No disk …

I had to go to the store and buy what was. On the shelf was no longer bosch, but a bison. And, you know, no difference as an allegedly German instrument made in China from the allegedly Russian tool made by everything in the same subway, I did not feel. With the exception of one, but very important: prices.

If Bosch cost me 1250 rubles, then the bison in 690. On the Internet it is still cheaper:

And, as always, according to the law of meanness, two days after buying a bison, Bosch was found. So both discs lie in my garage and look at each other — they are waiting for a new construction season.

The multirex saws does not at the expense of traumatic teeth, and due to the developed particles of the high-end material called «concepts.

This is how it looks like when:

It saws wood, nails, broken screws, crutches, pieces of fittings, concrete, plastic, plasterboard, aluminum, siding, pytera, brick … He is generally sawing.

Yes, and even if you find the same disk-cartoon from Milwaukee, take it. It is more expensive, and decently more expensive, but the attacks there are more sharp and several times more — the manufacturer did not fad.

So useful tips from garage masters This is, of course, great, but it will be somehow more health. Yes, and a good high-quality disc with teeth stands a couple of times more expensive than a multirem, so the choice is quite obvious.

As in the USSR, we decided to prove to the whole world that the Soviet people are richer kings: many still stored this proof

Good day, friends!

And you never thought, why in Soviet times almost in every self-respecting home, in the hall or living room hung a big crystal chandelier? No? Sit down more comfortably, the story will not be short, because no one is to blame for this as a king …

He lived yes was in one not a small European country king major. The most real major. By the king, he became in 5 years and already sissism was used to the fact that all his Wishlist should be executed. A little bit wrong — hysterics and reference or even worse — separation of the head of the guilty of the rest of the body.

The country was called France, and the king called Louis XV. Thanks to Dumas and his immortal «three Musketeers», we are more familiar with his great-grandfather — King of the sun by Louis XIV. That fanatel from the mirrors and sought all the premises of his palace to separate with mirrors.

Louis XV also had an addiction to crystal. It is clean and transparent, like a tear of a baby, glass it liked so much that the Major king sought to furnish the crystal. Dishes, vases, decanters — everything was crystal. Including huge, multi-torque chandeliers from crystal and precious metals.

One no hope of Crystal in France did not know how to do, so the royal crystal was purchased in Venice. Venetian glassware, realizing that the king is very rich, and the French themselves do not know how to do this, traditionally «Stream» grandmother. The experts of the king on the crystal were so big that he was vigilant:

-I would be careful with spending, cira. And then you are so fashionable, which contain you no longer profitable.

It is on such a warning Louis responded with his famous phrase:

After us, at least a flood.

Reply answered, but he thought about his production. And the first year in the small village of Bakkar opened the first in France plant for the production of lightened glass. But it was not yet a crystal. The latter was able to pay only in 1816.

Since then, the privilege of Bakkar firm has become a decoration of all French palaces with huge crystal chandeliers. In each hall of each French castle or the palace, a large crystal chandelier was to hang.

Fashion for chandeliers among the kings and kings of all the masters and ranks appeared precisely because of France. Even the emperor Nicholas II had weakness to French crystal and most of the dishes and chandeliers of the Winter Palace were manufactured by this company.

All «royal» chandeliers had one common line — a cascade style of execution.

And since the fashion for the chandeliers was precisely among the vengeons, the price tag for this subject of the interior was the extent. Even oooooogenous wealthy people often could not afford to have such a chandelier. No one for ordinary people have such beautifulness to have!

Everything changed with the arrival of the Bolsheviks in Russia.

Those we remember well, all nationalized, as they believed that the entire fullness of power in the country should be among the people. Accordingly, the people should live like in the palace.

The fact is that in 1935 a formal decision was made: to prove to the world that in the USSR there is a simple people no worse than kings. That is why imperial style has been formed with an abundance of columns, crystal into several rows and brass instead of precious metals.

Remember which sanatorium palaces were built for recreation workers in resort places.

The obligatory decoration of such palaces was a huge crystal chandelier in a cascade performance. The design of such chandeliers approved Joseph Vissarionovich himself.

Over time, the chandeliers crushed and the Soviet industry began to make cascade crystal chandeliers for apartments of ordinary and not very ordinary Soviet citizens. At first, partners acquired such chandeliers, then the «royal luxury» got to the simple people.

But since the crystal was not enough for everyone (even despite the importation of Czechoslovak glass), over time, it began to refuse and glass was replaced by plastic. Thus appeared very popular in the late USSR chandeliers «Cascade» — a symbol of the fact that the simple people live better than kings.

Plastic with the time of the jug and collected dust. Once a year, the chandelier was disasseably disassembled with soap, sometimes it was a whole ritual. But the production was massive — such chandeliers were almost every apartment, many of them have so far, if not at home, then in the country or in the garden.

Did you have such a chandelier? Or maybe now?

20 years lived in London, and could not get used to: Features of life in England, which for many Russians in wildness

For many, England seems to be a kinded and super-rich financial center of Europe, where everyone is bathed in money, and life is simple and convenient. A kind of communal paradise: Each Englishman lives in a personal palace, eats for breakfast oatmeal, hides from the Baskerville’s dog and has its own Barrimor.

The reality is a little … how to soften say something else … not like that in the pictures. My good acquaintance 20 years ago, as soon as I received a programmer’s diploma, «rode» to earn money in a foggy Londonchina. Yes, there remains.

We are constantly rewritten, one time I even had Bzik there to move, but the diploma of the philologist and three children with a career in England did not combine in any way … no way. Yes, a lot of things told a lot of things about the communal paradise without hassle and worries, which at the clue turned out to be at all at all.


Separate supply of hot and cold water.

In general, the British are not accustomed to wash under the jet of water, they are more rinsed than they wash. In rare houses there is a shower (by the way, as a rule, it is inserted into the wall).

English windows.

Ba-ba-ms and fracture of two fingers.

After the first treatment of 2400 pounds with fingers and windows, it is necessary to be very careful.

Secondly, in 70% of cases, all these beautiful windows with 1 glass.

In the 21st century with one glass! Not a glass pack, but with glass.

The second frame of someone is provided, but many do not have it. I asked why the second frames do not insert for the winter (as we do), they answered me that the winter was short and to suffer. For example, be in a coat and a warm sweater around the apartment.

Do not get used to comfort!

Very often, especially in historic buildings, these windows are so small that the width of the glass inside the frame does not exceed one or two palms. In the case of which it will not even get out of them.

Very small rooms or very large rooms.

Separate song Municipal Apartment Real Estate. Where emigrants, poor, workers, low-paid staff live in small rooms. In one room, 6-7 Indians can live with an area of 8 square meters. So relatives come to visit them.

But most of all fines the size of the kitchen. We are writing that we have 6 meters in our kitchen crushes and it is closely. All who are sick, blow rapidly in England and live in an old house.

How do you know a kitchen at 3-4 meters?


For there is nothing to eat a lot, let’s do the blow to work, he came to eat whether you see!

But some of the houses have disproportionately large rooms. Just imagine — in the bedroom of meters under 35-40, one of the walls has a bed, with another chair, in the third window, the fourth fireplace.

And that’s all!

Take echo.

No central heating.

In England, many residents of London still drowned … peat briquettes and firewood.

In bathrooms and toilets, heating is often not provided as a fact. On the one hand, it orders it well, the main icicle from the nose and other parts of the body on time to shoot down.

Ventilation. Rather, her absence.

Height of the ceilings.

In the old houses, the ceilings often go to heaven, it seems that the builders repelled the ale and the altitude in the drawing with a width. Especially ridiculous it looks in kitchens 2 * 2 with a ceiling height of 3.70. Worst of all that with such windows and the size of the room, all the warmth rushes up, downstairs remains a frozen tenant. They very much and very considerably.

Thickness. Once again the thickness. And once again the thickness.

Walls inside of two sheets of plasterboard with a total thickness of 50-70 mm can be heard. In general, everything. Sometimes it seems that if you shook on the first floor, you heard all three floors and even birds in the attic.

Inter-storey floors — a separate song. They are made of very thick boards, which are based on the beams. From below, everything is detected by plasterboard. Between these two layers, the insulation is laid … from the air, which is sometimes added mice.

Less frees (Beach of many vintage houses, it is almost impossible to withdraw them).

There are no cockroaches — they brought them out, apparently the «Masha» pencil was imported into a foggy albion.

Fireplace. Real fireplace, not fake as in the photo.

So, if the fireplace is dried, then the heat is recruited pretty quickly. But it also quickly disappears when the firewood is no longer burning. And if you do not coat, the fireplace is becoming ambulance. In some houses, where there is no heating, the heat is provided with 5-6 fireplaces, unfortunately its dealer of the forest or the sawmill to the leased house is not attached.



In many houses, it does not change decades, even despite through holes.

Do not like the hole, comrade an apartment? Change myself!

But most of all fines the carpet in … toilet and bathroom. The floors are even colder there, so the rooms insulate only the carpet. This dikari in the north came up with extrusion, minvatu, batteries and warm floors. And God forbid in the bathroom there will be a leakage and carpet worsens! Heating There, as a rule, no and dampness with mold will pursue the apartment until the summer comes.

But in general, all the delights of the carpet know in such houses, where the former owner loved to make small things, standing at a white brother in full growth. Orded fan. Dried up. Dried up. Once again I was irrigated. Dried again. Dried up. Sprinkled freshener. Only the freshener will gradually disperse, but there is no smell from the carpet. In some toilets, when watching a private house, it is contraindicated — smell like in the poem of Pushkin «Anchar».

One could also have 10 points to voice, but it seems to me, and 9 enough for the eyes to understand the beauty of life in Russia. In 2019, a friend came from his bride to his homeland, and she had the opportunity to look at our habits and utilities. But about this is a separate conversation …

Forget everything you learned in school about glass: textbooks are already rewriting

From school bench, we were idle: glass — liquid — it slowly flows, the glass is an amorphous substance — it does not have a crystal lattice, the glass is, the glass is … We all studied, nothing interesting, read the textbooks, everything is written in them.

Well, what can be interesting in the glass? Humanity is familiar with this substance for several thousand years. But, for example, plastic, polymers, graphene … Everything new, unknown, study Yes, study. Know yourself, sit and do opening.

And it turns out to be accurately before the futility. These are all new-fashioned plastics and polymers are studied along and across, and about the glass (and, by the way, we do not know anything at all.

Modern science still does not know anything about how the glass melt is rejected, nothing is known, as with so many different chemical compositions, glass can have one and the same physical properties. Even a notorious crystal lattice, about which science declared that the glass didn’t have it as a fact, suddenly unexpectedly niggy … Found.

Yes Yes Yes! You did not hear. The glass found a crystal lattice. Naturally, not such, which is observed in the «traditional» crystalline substances, and there is a cross between strict order and chaos.

But it is!

For this notorious lattice, all chemists, physics and even journalists crashed into two camps. Each camp nominated, theoretically substantiated and, most importantly, practically proved its own glass theory.

At the head of the first camp, William Zachariasen (died in 1979), who put forward the theory of «deformed lattice» or a glass mesh. According to this theory, there are some tetrahedra in the glass, which are mixed with the void, and all together forms a certain network, an ordered structure.

At the head of the second camp, the Russian academician A. A. Lebedev stands, who claims that the glass is initially inherent in micro-crystallization: in the amorphous medium, the glass substances are located microstructures, which the researcher called «crystallites» (that is non-vulture).

I can say to the honor of our scientists that Lebedev’s theory today is considered more accurate. Americans, wanting to disprove his theoretical constructions, and, having spent a number of experiments, came to the conclusion that he was right than caused a small scandal in the scientific world.

However, not so long ago, data were obtained that refute both the other theory. Conducting the process of transit process from the molten state into a solid international group of scientists, it came to the conclusion that the crystal lattice in the glass is in all states, as if paradoxically sounded it.

Currently, the work on the study of glass properties continues — researchers are looking for a new theory that would explain all the properties of this material, but the new concept is still in its infancy.

Machines are fundamentally needed: two masters without complex equipment found their golden vein

I am very often accused of telling fairy tales. At first it was funny — now there is no. Do you know why I no longer laugh at such accusations? I feel sorry for people who drive themselves in the framework of the failures that others say others:



-It can not be so!

And I never thought that such people who have programmed themselves a lot. So many. Too much. They will not be able to create anything, they will not be able to succeed.

After all, in fact, a man is the designer of his fate.

Everything that you have programmed — will come true. And only from you will depend on it or …

Therefore, from this day, all commentators who at least once will say the words of accusations of lies or writing will be removed and banged mercilessly. Hamsk expressions are unacceptable on the channel, mat and insults. Lion Tolstoy somehow said very wise words:

And now the next fairy tale.

Only the fairy tale is it … learn at the end.


Years years flying unnoticed. That’s just a shaking hand wrote a statement about the reception, and here Rrrzraz and you have an independent life in which you need to make a piece of bread. And in the yard are not light and fat 2000s, when oil money flowed from every corner and generously fed our economy.

And it turned out that steep, expensive and exclusive furniture, but from anyone who is not a well-known master is not very necessary. Orders were single. It was not rapid about life, I even had thoughts about going to some large furniture factory for the production of typical cabinet furniture.

A miracle saved from an imminent care in hiring of two nuggets. Otherwise, it is impossible to name it. Photos of the works of the famous sculptor in Jeff Whitto were hit by the masters. The young man became famous for the whole of Europe with his giant sculptures from the roots and branches.

And the guys decided. We are no worse, we can make the same thing.

The first figure of Oleska turned out … oh well, but she turned out! Over time, the shapes of wild animals from the roots and branches began to get better and better.

Interestingly other. In the manufacture of the first figure there were big doubts:

Yes, who needs it at all?

We are not much appreciated by such things, how much can it be sold?

Surprise deer bought in a private garden on the first day.

No extra question, conversations and bargaining.

Just taken and bought!

And ordered one more.

It turned out that such things are very in demand. Customers do not scare even very impressive prices. Agree, not everyone can lay out for $ 50 cm high, for the eagle — almost 110 thousand, and for the large horned handsome three times more.

And it started … Today, a small firm of Igor and Arkady is a steadily developing company that not only produces landscape figures, but also engaged in learning masters. People go from all over the country. At the firm even organized a children’s circle of wood thread.

Very rarely, when Masters are ready to tell everyone about their secrets, show the techniques of work. Igor and Arkady — a vivid example of what creativity is always going ahead of earnings. When the soul is inserted into the work, the earnings are applied. If there is no soul, and everything is done only for the sake of earnings — there will be nothing.

Do not lick the soul! This is the first priority!

That ended today’s tale … from the fabulous. I foresee angry comments from

It may be so it is in the personal world of these commentators, which they themselves constructed for themselves. In the world of the glass fairy tale, the world of Oleg and Arkady, the worlds of handmade masters and other people who can and want to create, this company exists and flourishes. It is called «Tree-Dar», and the masters are called Igor Silantyev and Arkady Eltsov.

Thank you for reading to the end. Design your worlds, worlds of good luck, creativity and inspiration. Good luck to you!

Is it possible to cut the glass with sharp surgical scissors?

For the first time, the fact that glass can be cut by ordinary scissors was printed in 1902 in the Russian Disabled newspaper (St. Petersburg). For a complete serious note, the author of a small note talked about how the workers in the dense factory are soaked to the leaf glass in the water. After some time, the glass was raised from the bottom of the barrels and not pulling out on the air cut the usual scissors.

Subsequently, this information moved to pre-revolutionary textbooks, and then in our. It was said that the glass amorphous material, which in water can be calmly cut and even get perfectly smooth.

«Yeah, Scharzz …», «we thought and decided to double-check this very common myth. True, they started not from water, but from the air. They took the most common surgical scissors






Bzzdy and glass just split. It is quite expected. There was no doubt no. Well, it is impossible glass in the air cut up with scissors. In no way! Even if the scissors are made of the same material as the rollers of glass cutter. In any case, the result will be one …


After the failed experience in the air, an ordinary plastic basin was taken, which poured water and lowered the same cutting glass. To ensure historical accuracy, glass was frustrated in water for a whole week. During this time we managed to stretch in Miass twice.

Glass lay everything and lay, wounded. Really. And suddenly hesch! Although the aquariums do not twist. Or may their lively aquarium 🦈🐳🐟🐠🐡🦐🦑🐙 holds from turning.

Exactly seven days of the glass wet, I again sank the surgical scissors and … I have a hurry to assure the Bzzyna. Glass just like in the air broke and crumbled under scissors.

The only difference, with a slight effort, the glass in water did not break into large pieces, and gradually biled, crumbled. Under water from glass, you can safely cut a small house, triangle or circle.

And if you look good, you can see that the edges of the string of glass are not so pointed, they are more stupid, as if they were slightly stuck.

On the Internet is full of explanation why this happens. But unfortunately they are all different. Some sofa experts reach the fact that the water reacts with silica molecules in glass. Probably, they personally attended.

The most accurate and correct explanation is as follows: the water serves as a kind of damper, which reduces glass microcoles, and, therefore, the cut is not so «sharp». Water, really, smoothes.

Do not agree with the explanation? Write in the comments correctly explanation. Only in the dispute is born … Damn knows what.

And we have a lot of things to cut 😎.

Why is there so many pensioners engaged in handwork?

Collecting material to the next article about the Master-glassware, traveling on the pages of private art galleries, the online communities of handmade masters quite accidentally made a very interesting observation — many handmade masters in the United States have reached retirement age.

Watching the master: 65 years old — works in a joiner’s workshop, 68 years old — engaged in Fuseing, it makes decorations from stone, in 73 years old — Jeweler, 75 years old, in 78 years old embroidered and knits, even 89 years old Manages to engage in patchwork. You think you think how great it is — people found themselves, despite the years they are engaged in a favorite thing, and not just stupidly sit in front of the television box.

Of course, looking at part of these people’s works, our homegrown sofa experts in one voice will silence:

In any case, the fact remains: many pensioners in the United States living in their own homes try to open some workshop: turning, carpentry, glass, jewelry, etc. They are also actively leading master classes, teach the manual work of children and young people, communicate with other masters.

Really, you can envy, a person worked, earned a retirement and now lives in his pleasure, engaged in his loved business. And often it really is so. And it’s great!

But there is another, the reverse side of this «American» dream: A person retired and understands that he will not pull a big house earned by a heavy work and mortgage for 30 years. Tax on the house too. Moreover, in the US, the retirement is considered income, and taxes are paid from income that occurs up to 30%. That is why the state pension in this country is very and very small in this country, that is, to fully live on it will not work in any way. Of course, non-state pension funds come to the rescue, but they can and open, the enterprise could refuse pensions, etc.

What to do?

Someone sells the house and move to the apartment or the house is smaller, in not such an expensive area. Someone moves to a trailer, someone in the nursing home (very common practice), and someone … begins to engage in handwork, Handmade. As a rule, this is done in advance, the master needs to fully master the craft and develop a certain clientele.

After that, a homemade workshop opens — a good opportunity to get an additional retirement to the pension. And here both spouses work in a family workshop.


Although it also happens that the workshop does not bring the required income, so the second spouse is forced to work after a long time ago he retired long ago:

Lavern Combs, 73 years old, master of glass, and her husband John Combs, 73 years old, works at night, unloading Amazon trucks by loader.

Robin Oakley, 76 years old — turner, makes wooden toys, his wife Jill Oakley of the same age works by the traffic regulator at the supermarket.

Charlie Glover, 70 years old, jeweler, his wife Christie Glover — Cassier in Dollar General.

Serena Cells, 74 years old, works by a fashionable hairdresser, her husband — works in a fast food eatery.

Christie Ray, 73 years old, knits a sweater to order, and her husband Leon Rey, 76 years old, buys and resell scrap metal.

So we seriously thought how to secure ourselves on pensions. On the state is wading as a hedgehog, it is necessary to calculate only on itself. Maybe moving to heat, in a large city of Krasnodar, or to the resort type of Yalta and the opening there is a big family workshop there? What do you think? How can you protect yourself to pensions?

We also have in

Everything is not like people: all over the world signed work is made for increasing profits, in Russia for the sake of surviving

For some time (as many as five days), we started signing increasingly smaller work from the glass. Not in the sense that we take a handle and sign or put signatures in the photos.

Just now almost all of our watches, panels, large expensive dishes and vases on the reverse side have a special stamp — a gold print in glass. This stamp will not work out to be removed by any chemical means, just break or read by sandpaper.

What do you think, why is it done?

To protect yourself from thieves?

Sweeze pride?

Not at all.

This stamp indicates that the work that man acquired is the author, it is made by the hands of the master.

The product acquires the status of signed work.

Almost everywhere, the presence of the author’s signature at work is the condition that the work will be estimated by 30-40% more expensive. For example, on the island of Murano, you can buy a beautiful author’s vase or a statuette in the family glasswork workshop. This thing will cost 500 euros. And she can be made not only by the master of the workshop, but also his sons, students, just hired employees who are given the right to blow products independently. And next to the shelf will stand exactly the same vase or statuette, but by 30%, 40% or even half more expensive.


Because she with a master’s signature. And this signature suggests that the work done the master personally. Not a student or worker, but the master itself!

And now we began to sign our work.

Fix the workshop into the glass into the glass.

But completely for a different reason with which we encountered literally the other day.

We were ordered a series of works from glass and the customer directly asked to make an intimate stamp on every work, as the evidence that the work was not purchased in China or somewhere else, but is made in Russia and is the author.

I will say without false modesty, over the past year-two, the level of our work seriously grows, more and more often the perfectionist is rejoiced in me. But this desire for constant growth has a reverse side. We began to ask and what are you doing? Do not resell products made in China or even in Italy, Venice, Murano.

Of course, when our work begin to compare with the works of foreign craftsmen, it is very nice. But when they doubt, and not in China, you order it — it’s a shame. Therefore, everyone who doubts I give a link to this blog so that the person can read about the life of our workshop, our work, successes and lesions.

It seems to me that the work is now simply a need. Only so you can fight the dominance of Chinese products, since the signature is proof of the manual work of a particular author.

The other day I happened to visit the major trading center of our city — the mistress of one of the departments of jewelry offered to take them our decorations for the implementation. According to her, she already cooperates with several masters. I got acquainted, talked, a very nice woman.

It was embarrassed only one … I was demonstrated by the shelf with the decorations of the masters. Good work. But, I look at the jewelry of one master (and I have a photographic memory for such things) and I understand that I have already seen such jewelry. The house rummaged to Aliexpress … You already understood what I found there. The Chinese brooch for 120 rubles was issued by one of the «masters» for the author and was sold for 2500! Can I use the word stars? But by this «Master» substituted not only an entrepreneur (what a scandal will be, if people find what I found), but also other masters. Cheating once, a person will be with a very big doubt to look at other copyright.

On jewelry stamp, of course, you will not put, but … to a passport or certificate for the most expensive decorations and kits, probably, soon come.

Dear masters, colleagues, and you sign your work?

We also have in

Three undeservedly «forgotten» crafts that allow you to make a very good

Modern techniques and technologies are actively penetrating in needlework. Many masters use laser cutting machines, CNC, polymeric materials, self-depleting rubber, metal clays, plastics, rubber and latex. To seek a new one, discover unusual materials — this is normal.

However, I can not agree with the voices that argue that the cross can be put on the traditional craft. Often write in the comments:

Yes, now do not buy anything.

I did not sell it.

-The pulled and threw.

This is needed these trays (etc., etc.)?

I do not buy crafts.

Meanwhile, individual types of needlework and crafts, which are considered unpopular, allow masters do not just have their bread, but also to smear the oil on this bread, and sometimes pamper themselves with ancorder.

Did not convince? Show!

How do you like dough rolling and cookies made from natural tree? The master for a long time cut out such races himself. I pulled out the basis on the lathe, the drawing cut out manually.

Over time, I purchased a CNC milling machine. Now these rollers are departed throughout Russia, in the near and far incident, their store on Essi, the Fair of Masters, Groups in social networks.

At the handmade festival, the wizard sold its products at a price of 2100 to 5500. For three days, 64 pieces were purchased.

Fii, who needs such dishes, will say some.

And by the way, the master sends from (notice not «before», and «from») 50 pieces per month of such mugs (dubs) to Canada and the USA, there are regular customers from Australia, Finland, Germany. All this is due to the fact that the dishes are made from Siberian pine.

In Russia, sales are not so significant, but for life, rides, rest for the family is enough. At the festival only with me such mugs (stood about 15 minutes) bought 4 pieces!

What else do you need? A person is engaged in his favorite thing and earns at it well!

Do you know how much is the author’s Tues from Berriesh? Not Chinese, not semi-lisher, real tuys, made of tree bark, which grew in an eco-friendly place?

I also thought that a penny!

And when I needed to buy such Tues for my Ivan-tea double fermentation, I learned that a good TUUS can cost 3200, 4500 and even 6000. And with painting, patterns and other buns easily reaching 9000 -11000.

At least, Tuesy (big, but without decorators) cost in bulk 3,600.

And about Lozpletenie I will say.

With Master Yuri Alexandrovich, I met in Yuzhnouralsk. We went to Chelyabinsk and decided to rinse the market for dishes. On the parking lot right at the entrance stood the eleventh toast scored by all sorts of baskets, boxes, tables, and even a chair, like a throne, and wrecked the trunk of the car.

We liked two baskets so much that we decided to buy them, but there were no places — the daughter was brought to study, so the car was also a bit of clogged with things and strategic reserves of products.

It is a pity that Vesta is not rubber!

Agreed that we will go back and take. After 6 o’clock we arrived back for their baskets. And the grandfather is not!

Threw! — We thought.

Knock-Knock! He knocked in the window of the car guard from the parking lot.

You are not outside baskets? I saw you in the morning!


-Well, Yuri Ivanovich everything has already sold, and I left me with my business card.

We took a business card and baskets. And in the summer at the festival, I again met with the master. Of the three days of the festival, he stood a half — all soldered. True, he brought not so much with him because he has enough orders from wholesale customers.

He has been engaged in the Lose since 1991. She is his feeder and sighting, the pension does not even remove from the card.

The main feature is a wicker furniture, tables, chairs and chaise lounges for baths and saunas. Design he takes from Asian stores selling rattan, but embodies from our vine.

These are the pies. Rather basket!

You can, of course, would not tell about three kinds of crafts, but much more. About trays, painting, copper … examples then mass. But this is not the main thing. The main thing is that the real master can always earn on his own business, even if it is not «popular.»

By the way, many at first glance «profitable» and «popular» types of handmade, on the contrary, do not give expected income and masters often have to change the occupation or go back to the office, to the plant.

Want to tell? Guess what I mean! Write in the comments!

We also have in

And yet it is possible to earn on the bead?

The author does not claim to be the truth in the last instance, everything that is said in this article is my personal opinion and conclusions, considering that it follows how to talk.

We have already spoken about what is happening in the market.

Everything concerns the beads for me is a pretty sick topic. High-quality bead decorations look like cosmos, it is really works of art. But, to my great regret, the reputation of the beads was very much spoiled by the painful passion of brooches, which I do not too lazy. And sometimes these decorations are extremely low quality, have a poor design, which is compensated by the transcendental price. Well, can not brooch from the Chinese bead, made ababy how, cost more jewelry.

It is very bitterly to watch as at the Fair of Masters in the same row there are beautiful works of real masters and cheeseless … at almost the same price.

As for earnings on the bead.

You understand yourself, the buyer can be found almost for everything, however, the opinion that as soon as you put work on the Internet — they will immediately buy it — nothing more than illusion. The proposal is now huge, and the demand is limited, especially since in the situation of the current crisis every penny in the account.

The only option to ensure good sales of jewelry and other bead products is to improve the quality of products, work on a new design and improving personal skill. Only such works are sold well that looks not what is perfectly, but just fantastically.

Low quality crafts from beads are practically not sold — at the handmade festivals, the initial level wizard stands almost without sales. And if you treat this category, then get ready for the fact that most of the works you will simply give. Even the decline in prices does not help — buyers are not a darummain now if it is poor quality.

It is even more difficult about pricing for pricing, because only the «highest flight wizard» can be aligned with the real price or higher. High-quality beads and materials are now standing like … You know. It turns out that many masters simply give their job to the buyer, picking up the materials at best. And this can not not be upset.

A good option earning on the bead — conducting training classes and master classes. In many fairs and festivals, I saw genuine interest in the eyes of children — they really wonder beading. And parents are ready to pay for it. There is an interest in adults themselves.

So the Master can conduct training classes for money — this is in demand. You can establish contacts with cultural centers, houses of creativity, private clubs (for example, «the» Sun House «operates in Magnitogorsk, where master classes are constantly passing).

Promotion and sales channels, target audience.

Direct sales are well suited for beads, that is, Kogla Master communicates with the buyer personally. Only the master can explain and show all the advantages of their work.

BUT! The most important thing is to be able to communicate and be able to sell. Smile, positive, good mood (even if the cat scrape on the soul), a direct look into the eyes to the buyer. If you hide at the table or showcase, the sales will be extremely small.

Very well selling classmates in the network. It is in this network that there is 60% of the target audience of jewelry of beads. Vkontakte loses classmates about three times! But in VK there are many large communities of reconstructors, where the decorations made of beads in a pseudo-historical style are well for sale.

Instagram should start selling a group only if your work on the level that is much higher than the average. In this network is the gloss and pont.

About Facebook — Forget the time.

Fair Masters — a beginner master here to do nothing (I take into account the policy of this resource), advanced masters have long been there their promoted stores (although many leave it). The resource is very overvalued.

If we talk about sales abroad, it is Etsy and eBay. More first. On eBay many Chinese who captured almost everything that can be, in addition, they often write complaints of non-existent disorders.

Etsy in priority, but the following points should be taken into account:

Summing up, I will say the following. The point of view that beadwork died, nothing is sold, everything is over — the root is incorrect. This type of needlework has a future. Yes, it is used extremely difficult, but everything that does not kill us makes us stronger …

I will be very happy to hear if you have a different point of view — express your considerations in the comments. For, as ancient said, truth is born only in the dispute.