7 Building materials who rise in price after the New Year: I found out from the dealer, what is best to buy about the supply

To be honest, I was not going to spend money on building materials before the new year.

All that is connected with the construction and repair of the house and the workshop I buy in March, when the construction season has not yet started, managers in construction companies do not look at buyers as gods, down:

«Take it while there is, or the season, the crowd here runs, and I am alone.»

In February-March in the eyes of the solders there is a hopeless longing:

-Well, at least one sale today, at least on a ten thousand. Yes, even on the heel!

Accordingly, the position of the buyer’s seller is changing dramatically, now you are the king and God, you are in my pocket of the desired money, you look into your eyes and … are ready for very «delicious» discounts.

But it seems, not this time!

There are a firm trading in construction materials in our city. She does not give advertising, they do not know her in stores, on building fairs and bazaars. She cooperates directly with developers. You need a professionalist to 10 houses at once or a flexible tile, or insulation, it is better to go there — below the price is not found anywhere since you are driven immediately from the factory, and your warehouse is clogged. The range is small, but everything that is indicated in the price is always there.

With the little things like me, they cooperate only because «

So, two days ago I needed to buy a roll of a special membrane for the attic. I went to them. In the city it costs 5700, they have 3,600.

Feel the difference!

And well, a familiar cute girl manager joyfully reports:

If you have the opportunity to take immediately to the whole object. All year have kept prices, but there will be a big increase. From the factories, new batch materials for the season 21 years are already going on new prices.

What is all right?

-No, but a number of positions are good up rushed. So take.

So I took. Someone buys champagne and caviar before the new year, I took building materials.

Plywood and plasterboard.

Pumps and automatic pumping stations.

Roofing materials.

Dear films (membranes).

It turns out that the membrane is worth 3600, after the holidays will make a gift to 4200. Therefore, he took a large membrane roll and several rolls with reinforced coolant reinforcement.


They were not a very humanized price tag, so many builders save them. True, then this savings are poured into a penny. My familiar two rolls of Scotch, saved by the brigade, cost 2 million rubles. That is, a million for a roll! Soon there will be a court with builders.


Shelf life has it until 22 years, so winter will survive without problems. Another ordered impregnation and oils for wood.

Puttles, putty, grouts, primers, plaster mixes.

I do not like to buy in bags, as it is very dusty, dirty, and children are allergic to construction dust. I take immediately in the finished form. Quality, by the way, is much better than in bags. In many ways, due to the fact that such «banks» almost do not forget, unlike bags that can be fascinated in any basement.

Also at the price, extruded polystyrene foam and slab insulation will well tighten. I hope that it is not strong, since the construction of a guest house and a workshop in the village is not far from around the corner, I am afraid of new prices, it will turn into a penny.

What is the city of Fu different from the city ah?

For six years of our regular trips in Russia, a total of more than 110 cities, villages and other settlements. I had to trade even in an open field and dense forest.

And every time we were surprised at how much people live in our huge country, for whom they are characterized by a completely different attitude towards craft and handmade products.

It happens that

Now sales will go!

And they are not, they are minimal. And we are standing and miss not only with your glass, but all the masters in general. People go past and as if they do not see the masters, are not interested in completely beautiful things. Buy beer, shawarm, pancakes, kebabs, ice cream, and manual work does not take. Or will turn out and say to the master contemptuously:

-Fu, I can do it myself at home!

And for the entire trading day, it is recruited, about 8-10 thousand rubles, and some masters even stood in zero. There was no sales! Even the road did not beat.

I came across such a native Magnitogorsk and a number of larger cities.

Come on the other

How people live here! Nothing earn! So also the rain went …

But the holiday began, the festival, the day of the city, etc. And people are suitable for masters, communicate, asked, are immistent, even if they do not buy, but they will always say a lot of good, praise, will appreciate:

Oh what beauty!

And you understand that some kind of special city, people appreciate the manual work, and they are happy to buy it. And at the end of the day it turns out that sales are several times higher than in another millionth.

Such cities can be attributed to: Zlatoust, Miass, Elabugu, Tyumen, Krasnoyarsk, Yuzhnouralsk.

To be honest, I do not know how to explain such differences. But the fact remains the fact that even in some villages, at the bottom of a district there, sales of masters are much higher than in major cities.

Take for example my hometown of Magnitogorsk (I love him with all my heart). At the celebration of the City Day there was a manual fair — the people apparently invisible, they went having fun, drinking beer.

A couple of days later there was a day of the area in the neighboring Agapovka — 10 km. From our city (residents in this village are 65 times less than in Magnitogorsk), and the same master earned 18 thousand in 5 hours of a festive fair.

You can say a few words about Miass and Zlatoust — Vintage Gornozavod cities in the Urals. Not very greater, not such pathos, such as Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk or Yekaterinburg, but a lot of people appreciate manual work and with pleasure they buy Handmade.

Master of workshops are very good here. What, in principle, is not surprising, in these cities there are many small crafts and workshops, many people are busy in the private sector, so they know the price of manual work, they themselves do.

One of the familiar masters, a former practical psychologist, made a very interesting note: the larger in the city industry, the more plants and factory, the less people appreciate the products of handmade, respectively, if there are many small productions in the city, then in it a manual work is appreciated much more.

What do you think should agree with this conclusion?

We also have in

Chris Wood — Sculptor selling a rainbow for 1.000.000 dollars

Good … uh

Good day, friends!

How do you imagine the decoration of a boring office space? Although no, I will not tire you with stupid questions, I will tell you myself. As a rule, this happens something like that.

On Monday, the high bosses comes to work, inspects an eagle look a seamy office and understands that Monday has come, the working time is ticking, and no one wants to work from subordinates. And even the bosses itself.

Therefore, you need … No, I have not guess. No, raise the salary. No, do not write a premium. And do not even register everything by the first number.

High superiors decides that you need to decorate the office of something dared. So that it was beautiful and created the feeling of staff that it is located on the island of Bali, and not in the semi-basement room of LLC «PHYANDING, LTD».

The designer is invited, which runs something there measures, fussing, decides the question of texture, trends, fashion, color (where to buy cheaper, how to slip more expensive as a rollback is asked).

And again on Monday, it appears this is the «fee». They are going to be attended by the whole office on him, stare exactly 10 minutes and diverge. Subordinates do not work further, the designer is pleased with earnings, the bosses heats up with a kickback. What about work? Yes, God is with her. A week later, the bosses will be at Bali.

Is it all what?

And to the fact that in Misty Albiona (read the intact British), there is a very unusual sculptor on glass, which does not pay anything, does not sch, and does not even blow. He is engaged in changing public spaces, when instead of a boring office or a dull foyer of the bank, the transition of the airport appears a piece of magic filled with and carved by rainbow.

The name is this sculptor — Chris Wood.

And this is a stunning woman!

Remember at the beginning of the article I talked about how 99.99% of designers work. Chris Wood enters the remaining 0.01% of the masters, who work not as everything. After it is hired to create something «disinterested», she comes to a boring office and …

Sits there for a week!

Just sitting …

Just looks …

Just draws …

Just leaves …

It takes a week to myself in a workshop where it sits and thinks.

… And then, in the boring space, the magic appears — Rainbow.

Do you know why she sits a whole week?

She sketches light streams!

Scrupulously, minute a minute, hour over an hour, she watches how the rays of the sun illuminate the office, as the lighting changes when the ceiling lights turn on where the lamps are shining, and even as the moon shines. It creates a light scheme of space, after which it goes into the workshop and loads the data into the computer.

With the help of the machine, the model is created and the lighting center is determined, the trajectory of the light movement is calculated and the special dichroic glass is selected under it, which can refract the light and allocate only the waves of a certain length from it.

And it turns out … Rainbow.

It can be a suspended installation on thin cables, and can be a panel of glass laid into the wall, thick glass strips are glued to the mirror, small squares raised by the trading center above the stairs.

No matter how, most importantly, where. Chris Wood has a stunning little on the light, it finds such a place that is always lit, and from which the rays of the sun will carry the rainbow throughout the space.

Chris Wood works are attracted by visitors. From them it is simply impossible to tear off, I want to stand, look, enjoy beauty.

Naturally, the advertisers could not pass by such a discovery, so the craftswoman is now embrace — she decorates showcases of leading firms of the world, the most expensive and fashionable manufacturers of elite goods and luxury goods.

Now Chris Wood is actively working in Japan and China, the largest trade firms of these countries can afford to install in the lobby and the trading center installation worth 1-2 million dollars.

Although it is worth it … What do you think?

5 facts about Ondulina, the illegal son of the runneroid, which you need to know before applying

In Russia, there are two terrible sects, of which, if they fall into them and God forbid something against, you won’t get alive.

Guess who are these people?

The first sect is the club admirers Toyota Camry 3.5. For his swallow, a beltenious, eternal, powerful, awkward star from the country of the rising sun they will tear any. The only one who was able to get out alive from their tenacious hands is Stas Asafyev (one of the best autobrockers YouTube).

The second sect is still worse than the first — these are fans of St. Ondulin, who can all. In general, everything:

To withstand a degree of magnitude with a bucket 12l? Easily!

Will not leak 300 years without replacement? There are witnesses!

They even say that the Leaf of Ontulin can be defended from the outbreak of the nuclear explosion, and even the ark of Noah was covered with this material.

Well, if seriously, I personally consider Ontulin an excellent building material, but it does not have the qualities that are described in advertising. People buy it, hope for the words of advertisers, and then conclude that the material is «Frank Kaka».

So, what you need to know about Ondulina, so as not to fall asleep:

Service life.

To give a guarantee of 50 years, his creator Gaston has not even wrapped in Haston. That suddenly he can stand up to 50 years old, Ondulin himself learned from an advertising leaflet about himself. Moreover, notice the design «up to 50 years». Here, by the way, it also includes 1 month, and 1 year, and 5 years.

Our manufacturers give a guarantee on Ondulin at 15 years. And he can stand this period. True, the presentable species will lose after 5-7 years, and by 15 years to the roof it will be terribly watching, in some places it can be poured with a finger.

Low price.

And, yes, Ondulin requires a more frequent doom (otherwise it takes off the wind once or two) and the hardware goes at about three times more than the metal (if you do everything according to the requirements). So if you count everything … then the price tag on Ondulin and the professionalist comes out comparable.


Maybe it is so, but the slate does not stink bitumen on a hot sunny day. And Ondulin will always do so in the heat. Stenar under a hot roof is such that I don’t want to climb there at all.


Although many firefighters ondulin love, as it is easily cleaned by the bug and through the roof it is easy to water the insides of the burning house. Only … is it easily from this to the owner, what is the question?

Resistance to mechanical damage.

He holds the wind load so-so, does not hold from the word at all. If the builders did not worry about the more frequent doom and fasteners, then the roof from Ontulin a good wind undresses only so.

The strong sun causes reinforced degradation of the material, so after a couple of years, the edge of the ondulin begins to combine and bend up. Looks like it is necessary to tell you, converting.


Light weight and quick installation.

So, what do we have in a dry residue? As a temporary coating for the house — a good option. But is it worth doing this at a price just below normal coverage? This is another question. As a coating for hozpostroops, sheds, stacks, chicken coopers or cottages — perfect.

How much does it cost to keep your website needlework

Regarding his site, I often meet from the masters, diametrically opposite points of view:

Let’s look at a specific example of expensive or not to master the needlework to create and maintain your own website. Immediately make a reservation, I do not consider various designs of Tilde sites, on which many needlewomen create their own pages. I am not satisfied primarily by the fact that such a page does not belong to you and it can block it for any even a contrived complaint forever. And you will not prove anything!

So. To organize your site, you need to choose its name on the network, that is, a domain name. Selection of domain estate is free, registration is paid — 179 rubles (for the RU zone).

But! This is only the first year. Annual extension will cost 990 rubles. And about this, as a rule, the recorders do not speak. At least I did not say a word about it.

With the name decided, the domain bought. Now you need to decide on the hosting, that is, with a computer (server), where your site will work. For the workshop site, we decided to stay on the company Reg.ru, it is the largest, facilities are full, and in the old projects with them we have been working for a long time. But she is not the cheapest.

We look at the description of the tariffs. Kopey!

Yeah, ran. This is when paying for three years! But the real prices

But! On these rates, your site will not be able to work. It can be started, but it is not necessary to work normally. There will be permanent hangs and glitches, support is pushed by permanent messages: «resources are completed, we recommend switching to the tariff above.»


Plus administration — 300 rubles per month.

Plus, if you are going to receive payment directly on the site, once a year you need to buy a security certificate HTTPS cost from 1350. The first year it is free … then we pay, but they don’t say about it immediately 🙂

After you have paid all this, you need to put the management system and some beautiful theme. Themes are paid, there are free. We chose free, but sat with her for quite a long time. It turned out concisely, simply, but I can not say that she completely suits me. A paid topic will also have to «finish», and if you order a topic for a specific project, it will cost such pleasure from 25 thousand and higher.

TOTAL, in the first year we consider:


9495 R. For Hosting,

3600 Administration

Total: 13274 (1106 r. Per month)

And now for the second (and subsequent) year:


9495 R. For Hosting,

3600 Administration

1350 — Certificate

Total: 15435 (1286 r. Per month)

And it is only on the technical side of the site. The cost of photo, video, content, on the Internet acquiring (payment directly on the site) is not taken.

And a few words about temporary costs. When we created a site, everything went about 2 days of work. Every day, it is spent on maintaining his performance 0 hours of 0 minutes. On the content of the time site is spent no more than creating posts on social networks.

So, 1300 per month for your site is expensive or not? What do you think?

We also have in

The largest festival of remodes and handmade Russia

For the first time at the Bazhov Festival (in the people — Bazhovka) I came in 2015. And before that, never had such a kind of events. The fact that I was amazed to say nothing. A mini-city with its districts, streets, alleys — all the space of the forest and nearby glads are clogged with cars, ceremonies, tents of vacationers, trading pavilions, masters tents. And all this against the background of chic Ural nature, mountains, rivers, coniferous forest.

And people …. Crowd, a huge human river, raging and rolling along the roads and trails covered everything around. It was wild, no comparable delight.

More than a thousand masters, artisans, needlewomen from all regions of Russia, near and far abroad comes to the junction every year. We saw masters from Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany and even Congo (although he lives in Chelyabinsk, but, trees-stick, it’s still cool). Absolutely all regions of Russia are presented: even come here from Kaliningrad, Vladivostok, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Murmansk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sevastopol.

The number of guests of the festival has steadily exceeds 30,000 people, for example, last year 32 thousand, unofficially — more than 40 thousand were officially announced. It is exactly the last digit that I tend to trust more, since I didn’t see the difference at the Spasskaya Fair 10 times, although more than 200,000 guests arrive there.

This year the festival takes place 27 times.

Venue: Village Demarino Platovsky district of the Chelyabinsk region.

Time for June 21 — 23.

Why do I like the Bazhavsky festival and why all handmade masters I highly recommend either visit him, or take part:

-Inable good sales — a huge number of people come to the festival, which are motivated to buy, chat, find something interesting (sales report will be);


-Ohnay strict selection of participants, no overbugs, Chinese Music Merchants, Networks, etc. never participated and will not participate;

Low-resistant organization, is thought out to accommodate, security is provided, the system is equipped with a larger free tables, water supply and toilets;

-The most concert program, this year at the festival arrives from Germany the largest brand orchestra Stadtkapelle Wangen, last year there were guests from Austria, a sea of creative teams, participants of the show «Voice», VIA «Ariel», etc.;

a cinema;

-Arally go Cossack and bath festival.

What you need to be prepared when visiting the festival:

Probs — the road to the asphalt festival, but is poorly adapted for such a number of people, the entrance is only one;

Guestside Camp Guests is located in an open place, you need to take awning, canopy, good scarf;

To believe with you water (and more);

If you are a master and participate the first time, take additional lighting, trade goes to late, the extra light will not hurt, if you can take with you a portable tent shower-toilet, believe me, does not hurt;

-Rechper can be freely fastened and leave a shopping tent with all the goods and go to the concert, stroll or watch the movie, everything is guarded, there is no theft.

The most important thing, take with you a good mood, smile and friends. Sea of positive, communication with masters, discussion of creativity, master classes, disclosure of professional secrets, guaranteed.

Next week I hope to fill you, dear readers, weighing photos, reports, new stories … If I am able to do a computer before the computer. We’ll have to go to our family place of power, gaining energy.

Brigadier-Tajik said: «90% of builders put borders incorrectly. Let’s show you how masters put»

It is difficult to imagine a modern cottage without a beautiful walkway from a stitching or at a thin end of self-sidewalking paving slabs. And each owner in dreams represents how around his house builders laid paving slabs, according to the standards of construction hazu, and it costs this good decades, and all neighbors are quietly jealous.


How wrong!

The fact is that the pavement tile is very capricious material that requires a huge number of preparatory work. It is worth an accumulation at least at one stage and instead of slender rows of tiles cottage turns out to be surrounded by the coronal teeth of the snake Gorynych.

But there will be a separate article about it, and today we will talk about what many attention does not pay, as it is considered that I am very clear — I put on a pillow of rubble, put the «flames» from concrete and installed on the level as on top photo . It remains only to sash the membrane, pour sand and put the tile.

Do you know what happens then … through a year old?

What you see in the photo below:

The fact is that most of the builders put borders on the leaps and it is completely wrong. Of course, in the regions with a warm climate, where the Earth almost does not freeze this method well works.

But what to do with us in the Urals or in Siberia, where in the winter the earth will go away just so?

Many of my friends in a year or another after the departure of the builders suffered with gradually growing frequencies from raw land. Although in the first year everything looked beautiful and well-groomed.

And I would also suffer, if I did not win the lottery. The most real lottery is this year for work before the workshop I came across a real brigade of Tajiks. I know, for many «professionals-Tajiks» sounds like a gynecologist, but still a collector was held in my street.

Guys are really sensible. Passed in my area, looked at all the buildings, they pore up, then sadly shook their heads sadly and with hope in the voice asked:

Uh, Daragoy, can bring better?

Naturally, I did not agree. The guys have come torture, counted the volume of work and asked to buy more dropout, cement, geotextile and fittings …

Guys, why did the fittings? It is now made of gold.

-For borders.

-In terms of?

Did you see that the neighbors are danced?


You have water nearby, you need to put borders in the castle, then for centuries.

There is nothing to do, since they were told on the century, it means for centuries. I had to buy fittings. The brigade asked for reinforcements for three lengths of borders necessarily with a diameter of 8 mm.

Straightening the heart, and, having encouraged the green toad in the wallet, I went to the market and bought everything the required brigade. Those immediately started work. I have not seen such well-coherent movements. By evening, everything was ready.

At the self-status, the technology of the installation of «eternal» borders is very simple. The fact is that the flames of cement, as most builders do, do not save the paths from the grounds of the soil and frosty powder. Therefore, under the curb needed its mini-foundation with reinforcement.

The brigade of Tajiks put the borders on a small foundation, which laid three rods of fittings. It turns out an improvised concrete lock.

Two reinforcements are played below frosty, and one rear rear plays the horizontal movements of the soil. Even if the soil is strongly frightened, the cruise plug will not give the concrete lock.

Such a scheme guarantees that the borders will not break, they will not be reheated and in general, several decades everything will be «lying to write down.» So exactly the day instead of a mini-waste, in front of the garage — a future big workshop, the silhouette of the track began to be paid out.

The first stage of construction work, for this season, started. Well, about what we’ve conceived and for which all this is a little later. The volume of work is serious, we are trying to combine construction, work on the site and trips to fairs. I hope it will work.

Good luck to everyone, until tomorrow!

No, you rent, of course!

No wonder they say that people art never entrepreneurs. For the most part, it is. The whole week was looking for a good place to organize the school and holding master classes. Stopped in the same option, but so far thought, they wondered, they thought, dreamed and more … We were pregnant with the beak. Already employed.

Therefore, while they took a pause — you need to finish repairs in the workshop. And to take this very pause, we made us forced the last announcement by which we went to watch a place to organize a school-workshop within the city. Phoned, agreed with man.

It turned out that we drove up to the inspection site much earlier than ago. They came out of the car, we are waiting. The weather is good, around the yellowing trees, fly leaves, shines the sun, Lyapotaaaa! Pay attention to the entrance to the basement, where the premises surrendered for rent. Heat, pure, beautiful forging, neat door. For our purposes, it is enough to fasten a small sign and you can meet guests.

The drive door creaked behind his back, the speaker of the electronic lock was contiguously squeaked. A pleasant view of the grandmother came out of the entrance, carefully looked at us standing at the cherished basement, crossed himself and hurried away.

A few minutes later the drive door creaked again. Another grandmother. He stopped, looked at us, threw a quick glance at the basement, did something worried and went on their own business.

Another ten minutes passed, when the granny of the first came from the entrance appeared because of the corner of the house. All while she walked along the house, her glance was just chained to us. Going to the access door, attaching the key to the sensor and the open door (as if leaving the way for a sudden digression), the grandmother turned to us:

-What, young people, Barbara takes again?

Welvar? We agreed with Masha. The basement want to rent for a workshop. We will work with children.

Both, Milk, do not think. Cursed place. Light white you do not see here. And no one will go to you here.

-And what happened?


At this time, the car arrived. A woman came out of her with a folder in his hands and headed towards us. The grandmother hastily retraced to a pre-prepared position — in the entrance. Masha, so called a woman, opened the basement to us, the thick iron door and we were …

In the receiving sorcerer. The entire basement was saved dark, practically black, wallpaper for velvet with a beautiful vegetable pattern. The walls are posted engraving, icons, drawings of religious content. Near each wall stood on a small table and each was stolen with candlesticks with melted candles. In the stale air the base was still felt by the notes of incense and something else there is more comfortable.

-Koldunya was there?


More. Even dubbed us.

«Someone worked here, he treated herbs, the bones went out, cast water. Then I moved. And now, because of these grandmothers, this place can not pass anyone. All come, look and go. And the rental decreased by 40%, and allow repair in the event, no one agrees. Granny everyone says that the place is cursed, although they do it only for the time that no one entered and stopping them to live calmly. God forbid, they say, the store will discover whether drug addicts will be gathering.

We promised to think. And despite the fact that the rent that the owner requested is simply a gift, and the place is very passable. To organize a big desire to organize the workshop in such a place and taking people did not even occur even considering the option that the story of grandmothers about Barbar is most likely pure fiction. Therefore, decided to take a pause.

We also have in

Robert Mikilson: We needed a kick for success

What pushes a person to success?

No one can say for sure.

Reading the biographies of one master or another, every time you find some one, your own, absolutely individual factor that made out of a person, from a simple artisan genius of glassmodes. In one case, it can be a creative heritage (the genes of ancestors, if you can say so), in another case — a long, hard work on yourself, in the third — the opening of the secret technique of working with the material, in the fourth …, fifths .. seventh. .. Tenths … their hundreds of these factors.

It happens that a good person, a wonderful master who has developed an interesting technique and an outstanding masterpiece for a masterpiece, recognition does not receive.




And it all works, it works, it works, but there is no success, but no, no. And here, in theory, this very factor of success should be engaged, well, at least some, the most ruling «factorish». After all, a person deserved!

And he does not turn on everything!

And the person is pushing in one direction, then to another. Some so die in obscurity. Others are lucky, and they find something special, their own! Ourselves either with someone’s help.

The hero of this story belongs precisely to the last category of masters: he worked for a long time and stubbornly, but could not find his «door in the summer» … until he helped him.

Robert Michelson is one of the greatest sculptors-glass-powder world. He was born in 1951 in the United States, but soon after his birth, the family moved to Honolulu, in Hawaii. Entering the college and without showing a single ability to science, he already throws him in a year, setting up a job in a glass-capacity workshop. Work in the workshop lasted two years, after which he went to «free swimming».

Mykelson’s style immediately was immediately fascinated by a thin liner glass, woven on a powerful industrial burner. He did the finest vases and lamps, glasses, bowls, plates, and all this was sold in the markets and fairs, stood side by side with fruit traders, rastamans, hippies. This gave a certain income, he earned well, but there was no fame.

Nobody knew about Robert Mikkelson.

Ten years, stubborn, long years he traveled in the markets and fairs, gained a client base, but did not become famous. Everything has changed when Mike Shells decided to improve his qualifications and went to learn to the famous glass-powder semi Stankard. Seeing the level of work «Student», he came to delight and told Mikilson that he could not teach him anything to teach him — they are equal to skill.

But are not equal to success and glory!

We must pay tribute to Stankard, he entered as a real man, a man with a capital letter. This master said to Mike Shells that he tries to break through where it is necessary. It makes no sense to drive in the markets and fairs, there are no fame to «earn, you need to contact the gallery of contemporary art and exhibited there.» Student «listened to the Council …

Three days later, Micklyson concluded his first contract with the glass gallery in New York. And in five days, his first work was sold to one of the museums. What to say? Money, glory, success, confession — all this fell on the head of Mikelson literally in the first month of his cooperation with galleries.

In his work, popular Hawaiian motifs, Rastaman elements, and classic works made specifically for art galleries are closely intertwined. In this article, I specifically used the works of the master who stand in museums and private collections. «Unofficial» work publish in a narrative in the evening.

Recently, Mikilson is fond of fluorescent glass, combines glass, metal, wire, wood. Engaged in a collaboration with other masters.

In the most recent works, engraving and machinery of glass with special pastes are actively used, painting on glass.

For more than ten years, Mikelson actively leads teaching and educational activities.


What do you do with friends?

Right, communicate, fools, drink beer, fool each other, work, work and much more. Yes, and «blow» at leisure can be with an old rastaman, it does not work in vain «unofficial» work.



Would he himself achieve him?


So it turns out that the man is the blacksmith itself of his own happiness, but sometimes it takes a kick to achieve it, no matter how rude it sounds.

Steampunk: Earnings on the Victorian Epoch.

This is not a business — this is love!

With things genre Steampunk My acquaintance took place at the Bazhovskaya festival. Passing by one of the tents I saw a thing that simply shook my imagination.

This thing was called Goggla. After scoring them from the master, I tried out and immediately became similar to the relyzer:

The seller Gogglov had many more beautiful glasses, watches, bracelets for sale, but, unfortunately, the photo was made only one thing:

Then these things seemed to me the riding perfection, I wanted to buy everything, but the green toad, who was sitting in the wallet, said only one word — cooled.

Arriving home and turning on the computer, I plunged into the world to the village unknown to me the era — width. This is a fancy mix of Victorian England, a couple, robots, gears, mechanical technologies and even very little magic.

As it turned out, the admirers of this direction in art and craft are very and very much. And to create a special entourage, these people buy, Mastery independently or order from the masters the corresponding things:

In Russia, the worshipings of the steampunk are very much, but still an order of magnitude less than in the USA, England, France and other European countries. The total turnover of the Strembanka industry for 2018 amounted to more than 230 million dollars. In Russia, the exact figures are not known, however, from communication with the most famous domestic masters it can be said that the money is growing considerable. So, for example, only one famous Steampan workshop in St. Petersburg has a turnover of more than 7 million rubles per year.

Naturally, it is sold in such specialized workshops of all other quality. Compare yourself:

A lot of things are done and sewed alone, although, of course, a certain part orders. The cost of only one clothing without additional accessories can be about 10 to 40 thousand rubles. Moreover, the collection of accessories and things is often assembled for years.

For example, the girl has created his own image for about two years, but believe it was worth it. At almost all, both buyers and sellers, many wanted to take pictures on her at the Spasskaya Fair.

The suit of my good acquaintance with all the accessories pulled 70 thousand rubles. About 600 thousand were invested in the car and additional entourage. Good John can afford it.

As you can see, there is a demand, and it is practically constant. A significant flow of orders from the wizard widths is in foreign countries. In the expanses of the post-Soviet simplestness, the Live Steel Workshop, the Neformal-World workshop from Saratov, Master Copper Dmitry Tikhonenko from Minsk (PHOTOS).

And this is really a master, whose work is not ashamed. The things made by them are scattered as hot cakes in all corners of the planet. However, many fakes appeared on the wave of popularity, which they took the idea, but the originality or outstanding quality does not shine. In such a pseudo-like impact, the genre is made, as a rule, small jewelry, and most of the epoxy or polymer clay. The quality of work is extremely low.

At the request of «Steampunk» at the Fair of Masters there were 4995 products, but only two hundred could be recognized directly from them.

Thus, if you do a serious business in this area, the most important condition for the success of the wizard is a personal passion for the master.

Money can be earned, and very very good. But get ready for what you have to work to a greater extent on the foreign consumer, for which there will be significant amounts to promote on European trading platforms. There will also be a prerequisite for the workshop of a competent and enthusiastic designer. With the best things will have to go several times to world steampunk festivals (the sea of impressions is provided).

From Russian consumers orders for the manufacture of steampunk-things, as a rule, do not flow.

But, at the same time, I know several width workshops, which additionally earn:

All this allows them to keep afloat. As for the fair trade, as well as sales at various exhibitions, festivals, holidays, then they have SMSL to participate only in order to declare themselves, distribute business cards, forgive the soil, find like-minded people.

Stuff in the genre Steampunk is not cheap pleasure, the price of the same Gogglov (points) can begin with 1400 rubles and end far in 10 thousand, therefore, ordinary fairs (for example, in shopping centers) are not treated as a profitable event. Sell on them something will be great.

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