Closed self-employment despite the good earnings: the cons that many people do not know

When our favorite state announced self-employment, many perceived this regime as a gift of fate. Including me. Having stayed in this status 1 year, 1 month and 13 days, from self-employment I had to refuse.

Why? There are four simple reasons:

It is impossible to take a loan (at least in the province).

I’m not bum, I get a lot, give a loan!

But it is only ideally. What happens in practice?

I am going to buy a new car, came to the salon, chose a model, waved as a certificate in front of the credit specialist. Seeing my income, she calmed down:

With this income, any bank will give you a loan. Especially for the car, the initial contribution 50% you pay.

After 15 minutes, it fell:

In fact, self-employed for the bank — worse homeless. In the scoring programs of the bank self-employed is not as a fact. There are: Physly, Jurliso and IP. The fourth is not given.

For the bank, we do not differ from the unemployed. One bank even doubted that my reference was real and threatened by the police.

Of the 24 banks refused 22!

Some for the kind apologized and even tried to be something helpful.

How? Well, what, not quite respected Rosgosstrakh bank, can you be useful if you did not give a loan? But when I opened an IP, called one of the first:

«Do you want to open a settlement account?»

Thank you, settle!

The two remaining bank charged a loan under such a percentage that I choked when I learned the amount of overpayment. Plus, the generousness of the souls threw insurance, health, property, full Casco, and insurance against loss of work !!!

Guys, what are you smoking, I don’t work for anyone!

I read the contract and directly physically felt that between the lines invisible ink it was written:

Walking to you 5 years in shorts and one T-shirt even in winter.

I don’t even want to hear any credit on business development, your beloved business.

When you are self-employed and pay taxes, for the state you are an honest taxpayer. On this gingerbread everything!

About paying taxes and sleep quietly heard everything. Feeling at the framework of the so-called legal field is just great! But sometimes this legal field becomes a miracle field.

Want an example? Yes please!

When self-employed translates large amounts to the accounts of legal entities, for example, to buy glass. That this very state completely forgets about your status of self-employed, and your translation can block.

Do you know for what reason?

Very simple: Patamushta!

How so, an individual pays a quarter of a million of some ohth to Moscow for incomprehensibly some glass and from America!

And you have forced long and tediously explain the bodies of financial control that you are not an elephant, not a giraffe, do not finance world terrorism, do not consist of related links with Usama Benland, is not associated with American intelligence, the State Department, CIA, FBI, Mi6, do not make charity The contribution to the Navalny Foundation and, in general, you are not Navalny, and despite the Ukrainian surname, you are Russian, a citizen of Russia, not refugee (there was a question!).

And at the other end of the «wire» sits a young girl who knows three memorized phrases, and she deeply put on all your problems … She sincerely does not understand the man’s man from the Ural depths of so many stained glass.

No pension.

It’s just something!

First, in my native Magnitogorsk just to live to a pension in itself a feat. But I’m stubborn, I will try …

Secondly, self-employed retirement at 70 years and receives a social retirement.

That is, self-employment is inherently a Gentelmen Treaty with the state: you pay the minimum tax and we are behind you, but they deal with the pension himself.

Pension becomes like a bright dream of Russian. But a dream is a dream. I have 12 years of experience. Therefore, it was decided to finish another 3 years to those required by law 15 years of experience and minimum points.

With self-employed, IP and Yurlitz do not like to work.

For example, we needed to update the site. Found a good company, discussed the details, transferred to the clarification of the props of the parties. The result you see. And even his forehead about the wall of Baisya — the result is one:

In many respects, the tax, which is very closely wool off the Agreement of Jurlitz with self-employed, suspecting in the most harmless deal from taxes or blackly detected.



I do not argue, there are cases of successful cooperation, but the failures we get much more often.

Can not be obtained licensed.

Although before the workshop, it is worth a queue from those who want to sit, chat, make a joint one beautiful thing. There is a very big request from people to study. For the conduct of educational activities in a civilized level (with the issuance of documents) a license is needed. Her self-employed does not have the right — only IP or Jurlitsa.

Any arrival of the tax «to visit» will mean an automatic penalty and subsequent total control over any television. It is terrible to stand in front of the beloved state in the pose of Romberg.

What else to say? And nothing! Self-employment is closed, the 8th did, probably, the most stupid act in his life — opened the IP.

We thought to engage in the glass expensive.

Sometimes it makes me. I start lifting the nose above the top of the top, look at the others down and think that I am the coolest, successful needlewoman.

Still would!

Without someone’s help to accumulate to your own workshop, in two hands it is built to buy all the necessary equipment, invested over a year more than 800 thousand rubles for the year. Orders, work, creativity, flight of ideas … as they say, wicked us only boiled eggs!

But the universe is smart, infection, the thing. It feels «drifts» and almost immediately gives the right to people lying on the nose (for the first time) — do not be proud and do not shift. Who does not understand the first click, this usually arrives in the face of aige.

We traded in one of the largest shopping centers of the city, there was a girl next to us, which traded the alarms, pillows, children’s things, t-shirts, patches, towels, textile gift sets, felt caps for a bath, pondes … just a huge number of things.

The range was just very wide. And all things were embroidered with beautiful colored threads. So thinly, bright, beautiful and tasteful that a rare woman passed by this table. Even serious ladies who fucked by the branded Packages of Dolchigabany, Lucinagoviton, Kevinaklyane, often stopped and acquired something like this …

Our trading, too, was pretty Boyko, but in the evening the crowd of people came up to no and there was time to sit, throw a couple of words with other masters, walk around the rows and take it out of a loved one — in any case to sit until the shopping center is close to closing it is forbidden.

In the end, they talked to our neighbor. The word for the word and then the universe gave us to wipe in full. Olga, so called our neighbor, professional seamstress and that says it all studied in one of the colleges of our city, after which, as many graduates went to work in Atelier. A year later married, a child was born, decree …

And here it was the problem: what to do? Go back to work in atelier? Work on uncle? I really did not want, especially the atmosphere in the former team was not very «healthy.»

Olga decided.

As Atelier works, she knew, from all the «cuisine» was familiar, but did not want to open a new one. The girl decided to work as herself — do beautiful, high-quality, unique things that can be sold not only at sales fairs, but also to take in shops, fabrics, linen, making gift, souvenir and other products.

The decision was given to her and her husband is not easy. They did not fit on credit, and sold the car. The husband worked on MMK and just calculated for the car, the Korean crossover. This money was purchased:

In total, the seamstow invested in his business (the language does not turn this on earnings) almost a million one hundred thousand rubles (and here we sit down such steep and important).

Now, with regard to sales, expenses, advertising, promotion. The girl has a group of Vkontakte, but it does not actively do it, because it does not cope with orders. Basic sales channels:

The maximum embroidery size in its typewriter 40 * 41 cm. The main article costs — buying fabrics and textile products, although on the threads also leaves decently — one bobbin costs 270 rubles (3,000 rubles per box), 980 rubles are metallized threads.

Although the purchase was sold and stated that the animal of the beast, it takes only 60 seconds on the logo, during the day you can do not tightening 720 products, 1,500 stitches are made, and the cost of one embroidery is only 50 kopecks — this is just an advertising and marketing artistic whistle.

As it turned out in fact:

Most of all buy embroidered towels and bed linen — they are ordered for firms, hotels, hotels, etc., but the profit from them is very small. The largest profit gives the manufacture of kitchen sets, things for the bath, children’s things. For example, Olga’s towel buys for 35 rubles at wholesale database, and sells in a set for 120, and in this set of 3 towels and it costs, respectively, 360 rubles. Net profit from one set, if you calculate all costs, 190 rubles, with children’s things it turns out less.

Here is such a simple matermatics. They gave a loan for a new car for a year and a half. What to say? Yes, well done!

We also have in

Gasoline glass: To create such beauty Americans applied a laser, the Czechs smoked, and the Russians took the brick

What you see in the photo is our beauty and our biggest disappointment — gasoline glass.

In fact, it is no gasoline, in all directories such glass is as an irredized. But his divorces are so similar to the spots of gasoline in the puddles of water, that many glasswakes are on full seriously called its gasoline.

Despite the fact that the urization of glass was invented in ancient Rome, on an industrial scale began to be applied in the United States. To create such beautiful gasoline divorces, a very complex laser installation was applied, connected with a glass-cutting oven. The laser beam heated a piece of metal to a super high temperature as a result of which the substance was gradually evaporated.

The metal pairs on a special air duct were fed to the glass rolled into a thin sheet, on which hesieled, forming a very thin, playing with all the colors of the rainbow film. In the role of the Irizator, as a rule, titanium or its chloride compounds. Therefore, such glass is sometimes called titanium.

Well, now the most interesting. The Americans were so proud of their installation for the production of irisated glass, which was tightened on their beautiful glass ten times.

Capitalism in its pure form, do not hurt anything!

Then the glass windows began to think how to make the same glass of glass, but so that it costs ten times cheaper.

The first to think … Czechs.

Apparently the one who came up with this method of iris, loved to smoke. Just imagine, the Czechs are sitting in the furnace and think the Duma: how to create a glass. And then the oldest and wise master gets up and says:

-And let’s smoke it!

-How? Do you stop Titan in a cigarette and will you breathe in the furnace?

-No! We donate it with water, we wake a special sponge, the supreme, then we will burn it and go to the oven from it!

-Cake, you genius,

So they did!

And, you know, they all turned out.

And no expensive laser needed them. The production of irisated glass was reduced to dozens of times. Greedy Americans went forest.

In Russian (or rather Soviet — then there was another USSR) a team of glass-powered smoking people was not. Therefore, they did not think about the fusion of glasses of glass with pairs of Titan. The laser also did not give out.

Then ordinary Soviet glass windows, which the party said should be said, and they answered: «There is!» …

Friend these words

They took a brick!

Simple red brick!

I shout from pride for the conversation of our people I want (how are you Ilon Mask?)


It was glowed in a muffle furnace, brought to hot glass and splashed water with a solution of titanium chloride. Titanium couples deposited on glass in the form of all the same gasoline film.

Why the laser?

Why burners?

Need a brick!

So in the Soviet Union, an irised glass appeared.

On his overflows in the rays of the Sun, you can admire the clock. When we work with him, the sun bunnies are constantly running around the walls, trying to win in the cabin into each other.

However, this glass carries not only beauty, but can seriously disappoint. At least for the first time. The fact is that after baking in the furnace, most of these beautiful divorces … disappears and appears the place of almost uniform golden coating with a variety of small wrinkles. This is called «Antique Iris».

There are two beds in the greenhouse with cucumbers: one ordinary, the other «warm».

For me, a person is not very sophisticated in horticulture and gardening, the garden from the bed is almost disliked. Why there are a bed there, I’m cucumbers from tomatoes with difficulty distinguish. But the spouse … This is Michurin, Vavilov and Beckets in one person. 100% I’ll wait someday that I will climb on the tree to encourage watermelons.

It all started with greenhouses-waxwork, continued with Icelandic trellis, now here are special warm beds. Although … to be honest, the beds were in front of the trellis.

To his, or rather, my head, I saw my sunshine on YouTube, where the authentic pioneer-Michurinets told A, most importantly, showed how to make special warm beds, so that cucumbers in the greenhouse (and other greens like tomato and pepper) grew to heaven.

And it happened exactly at that moment … when both beds in the new greenhouse were already made.


That is, at all.

Camname was filled, the humus of wild Beijing ducks was added (of course), a drip of my sweat …. in general, magic occurred. But the roller with a wonderful bedtime sat down at his wife in her husband and she said terrible words:

You will pour the earth and make a warm bed, as in that video.

I was silent.

-Well, come together …

I was silent again.

-Then I’ll do it myself.

I silently gave a shovel. From principle! I do not like to break magic 😎. Warm bed in the execution of my wife is done like this:

My wife takes.

Burnt shovel.

Burnt is already filled with a garden.

The whole earth is removed.

The whole wooden debris is thrown onto the chuckles, which is nearby. We have such garbage to be old raspberry branches, boards and trimming of a bar 15 * 150 mm.


From above stacked a layer of crumpled paper, potato cleaning and other household organic trash. Simply put waste from the kitchen.

All this is «polished» by humus with humus or manure, shed water and finally falls asleep with a thick layer of Chernozem.

True, the sun has enough energy only for one bed (I simplified, said, let’s compare).

In the resulting crown of Michurinskaya thought, seedlings of hot-beloved varieties of domestic gardeners «what was in the store, that was bought, then bought.

If you look closely on the first photo, it is perfectly clear that seedling was about the same. But, damn, take a look, what is the difference now between a simple bed and «warm».

I could not even imagine that it would be so obvious. For the sake of interest even measured the temperature of the earth in the same bed, it is the same. But the cucumbers-giants grow on the «warm», and on ordinary zamhrohshki.

Oh, I feel, you will have to do all the beds «warm» to do.

See you on the channel «

As in 62, divorce, find the love of all your life and move to Crimea

Someone will say: Brechnya!

Let him right …

Someone will say: «At this age it’s too late to change something!»

I will answer: «Nothing like that!»

I will say even more:

Change his life yourself and never late

There are families where, with all the external well-being, a husband and his wife were never in real. It seems to be always together, always there, but you will look at, and these are not close people, these are two loneliness. He works, she works, in the evening they met, filed, looked at the TV, and so fell asleep — tomorrow to work.

So live from year to year, children are growing, they work … but the pension comes!

Faced with the need to live 24 hours a day with each other, the spouses suddenly discover that they are completely strangers. There are no common points of contact, mutual interests, hobbies, some one, but important for two, goals. General, finally.

So it happened with the heroine of my today’s story. I do not want to smudge dirty underwear, I’m interested in another. The fact is that the absolute majority of people, realizing that they were with a completely different person in retirement … continue to live with each other in inertia.

Scandals, swear, can not communicate with each other, the husband «dumps» from the house on fishing and disappears on it for weeks, the wife hits into clubs, sections, mugs, and so on.

No one wants … or rather wants, but it is afraid to make an important step. Why change something, because everything is arranged, house, car, repair, garden or garden, bath — all charms of secured life? Yes, and I do not want to scandal, spoil your nerves.

Not too late!

But only units can decide on such a step. My neighbor from their number. Realizing that the marriage is no longer, just wrote a statement about his termination, despite the objections and protests of her husband, divided property, sold a large, who became unnecessary house in 440 squares.

Do you know what happened next?

She found her first love and absolutely happy, going to explore, is going to finally move to the Crimea. Former husband, too, found old love, moved to the nature of Bashkiria, is also absolutely happy, goes to his beloved fishing, bought a new car, engaged in business.

But the most interesting happened two weeks ago. After selling his cottage, my former neighbors met at me at home «on neutral territory.» And the entire negative of the last year was forgotten, they became friends, they sat down with us with tea, ate a delicious cake, just so dangle about life, about plans, about changes in their completely new lives.


Someone will say:


Let his right … And I wish my former neighbors, on the part-time of my mother-in-law and the test, who were not afraid to change his life, good luck and long years in their new life. We will come to you. And our house is always open to you.

Do not be afraid to change your life, for it is never too late to change.

What services of Russian Post is paying 600% and how to save on shipment

Remember the unwanted joke of the Ural dumplings:

I hurry to delight you, this joke has long been not about the Post of Russia. Surprise this organization in the past few years a lot of things corrected in their work. Send parcels through it, in most cases, faster and cheaper than transport companies.

If you are engaged in online trading or simply send a lot of parcels, that is, several ways to reduce the shipment fee, respectively, your personal expenses or customer expenses. Moreover, for some services or goods, a trade markup of Russian Post can reach 600%.

We are by mail at least three times a week, send and get parcels. Many post office operators Our good friends, they suggested to us how to save.


Let’s start actually with shipment.

If you send something very small and not very heavy, it makes sense to send it something first class. He is the fastest, most prompt and … the cheapest, only it is very important that the weight of the parcels does not exceed 200 grams. Prior to this weight, the most «chocolate tariffs» operate. Sometimes it makes sense to break the parcel into two separate, the main thing is to meet precisely in this weight. If it does not work, then you can send by simply shipment, there will be no savings.

Now the most interesting.

The cost of delivery in the mail is not high, so it seeks to turn more than at the expense of the accompanying goods — these are boxes and packages.


Mail will be happy to sell you a corporate box, because it is a golden bottom for it. It is the boxes worth most of all. Especially, in fact, you pay for the box twice — after all, it turns on the total weight when calculating the cost of departure. If you hurry, and at hand there is nothing like a box, then, of course, you can buy a branded.


The fact is that Russian Post takes not only branded boxes. You can fold the parcel to another box. It is important, only that she was from gray cardboard, did not have the inscriptions and was not saved by scotch, the staff wake the box with their brand scotch completely free.

We often take the boxes from under notebooks in stationery stores, from sausage in Yermolino, boxes from under the thread and plastic dishes — Russian Post without problems takes.

By the way, you can fill in advance to the department and take a stack of receipts. They can be filled at home, which will save more and time.


Packages are a soft erzatz box, they are also called the došiuk. If what you want to send is not afraid of throws into a basketball ring or can perform a hockey washer, then the package is yours.

Oddly enough, but small sets and earrings are best sent to the packages. Everything dies perfectly! Or we are too well package, or our parcels are lucky and they did not fall into the hands of Malkina or Shakil O’Nela, who work on Russian Post to Polish.

You know, what is the main postulate trade? At the cheapest and small goods goes the biggest cheating. If the mailbox winds a maximum of 300%, then the packages are 600%. The smaller the package — the more cheating.

Therefore, if there is a desire to save, then branded packages need to be taken on the side. No, I do not urge to search for lines on postcases. Just packages can be bought in specialized stores.

Previously, we bought them in bulk in Sime, as it was the only store selling mail packages with small wholesale, now such stores are much more.

The smallest package, the size of 114 by 162 millimeters can be bought on the Internet for 2 rubles. Departure of the first class, just more expensive — 3 rubles. Russian Post The same package sells in its post offices for 16-19 rubles.

For 2019, we sent 162 parcels in the smallest packages. All of them were purchased in bulk for 350 rubles. If we were taken by Russian Post, then the packages would cost us at least 5600 rubles.

What is called, feel the difference!

The same goes and the boxes. They can also be bought over the Internet and it will be two or three times cheaper. But packages, of course, out of competition.

We are in

Why did the successful master refused to make a millionth earnings?

Many people who are familiar with the outside of the work of artisans spread a very naive understanding of handmade. From the outside it seems that the master is the Creator, his life is a permanent flight, the incessant creativity, which brings very good money.

Even among the masters themselves, it is considered that the most important thing is to provide a normal monthly earnings and all the problems have been solved: found wholesalers, sit for yourself, are creating, the family is sideways, smooth money and life has been able to.

Once I thought so so, dreamed: I will find permanent wholesalers, every month they will pick up the finished products and bring money in the beak. I will remain to create and smear the caviar to the butter sandwich.

But it happens that the master found these the most wholesalers, provided himself with a constant good earnings, but this earnings did not bring happiness, did not give an expanser for creativity.

Do not believe?

I will give an example!

Marina is my row. In 1993 he graduated from school, in 1997 he graduated from the school, wandering on the seam and went to his free swimming. At first, she worked in the studio on tailoring of the upper clothes, then moved to a point engaged in the repair of clothing. In parallel, she sewed to order beautiful authentic clothes, children’s dresses, shirts and dresses in Russian folk style, sundresses, artistic and New Year costumes.

Then the birth of one child, decree, the birth of the second, again decree. When the second child grew and went to the garden, the question arose in front of Marina: where to go to work? In atelier? On the repair point? Or maybe to open your business?

Marina chose the last option. And almost the first week it was lucky. She found a wholesale buyer who was ready to acquire all costumes and dresses. They developed sketches, picked up fabric, discussed issues of cooperation and signed a contract.

Marina only Sila. She did not deal with a sales. All she did, climbed without conversations. On the very first month she earned 35 thousand. In the second month, earnings exceeded 50 thousand.

She hired to help her sew, then the cutter, removed the room. They worked without raising their heads for months. In fact, it was a mini shop on tailoring with complete self-trust.

Most of all sewed dresses and shirts in a pseudo-door style. Its pure earnings in some months exceeded 130 thousand rubles, in the last month I shot up to 200.

Turnover so generally passed over a million.

For a woman, seamstress in the province is good money.

Very good!

Over time, Marina began to understand that her earnings were not in joy. At all! The problem was that there was no time left for life. In theory, her next step was to be made towards the opening of the IP and his own company. But simple seamstress was afraid to make this step.

Monthly avalanche of work on the sewing of the same models pulled out. The family did not see her, the children were offended, the husband also poured like a mouse on the croup. Wife (mother) as it were, but in fact it is not. And Marina decided to stop such work — she passed all the contacts of the wholesalers to his girlfriends-seams and left.

Is she doing right? I do not know!

Refuse a big earning for the sake of family and children is a good deed. If Marina wanted, she could develop his enterprise. But she didn’t do this step. Afraid. And the work on wear broke it from family, children and husband.

On the other hand, there are a lot of stories on the network about how a woman, starting his little business, developed it to a multi-million business. But such a business takes a lot of time. Yes, he just takes all the time! How to combine it with your family, with the upbringing of children? That still task!

We ourselves, when we are preparing for fairs and festivals, it happens, we disappear in our workshop weeks, we work whole days. Children offended that mom and dad again «disappeared.» And it strains …

We also have in

Gas boiler broke.

It’s no secret that the molding rule of any master, artisan, a handicraft, any person working in the service sector:

First you work for a reputation, then the reputation works for you.

It does not happen that he opened his work and immediately streamlined the stream of customers. First you are looking for orders, then orders find you. So it was and with me personally, when I went for free bread, with many of my familiar masters, as well as with those people whose services I used.

If the work is done qualitatively, you will turn back to you again and again. Therefore, working on the prospect of the master always try to do their work on the yat, even if they requested the price for their services below the market. Satisfied customers keep the cherished phones of such masters and are always recommended with gratitude. It turns on the srangian radio. One-day company and master of the same «spill» about this rule forget. It is important to them. Another thing: snapped a piece and satisfied, and then the grass does not grow, try to find it later.

On the weekend we had the opportunity to face the first approach and with the second.

As you already know, a few days ago in our house covered a copper basin gas boiler. No in the summer, or at the beginning of the season, or at least during thaw! No! This piece of iron decided to give his e-god soul exactly when the anticyclone came and the temperature on the thermometer struck the -25 mark.

The law of meanness, not otherwise!

Imagine the situation. Morning day off. By night, they promise to the thirty. And then the boiler declares that he is a little tired. Writes E99 error code and constantly reboots.

I call to the gas service … once, the other, the third, and they do not take the phone!

What to do?

I am a feverishly looking for ads on the Internet, calling the neighbors, as a result, I had contacts of the Master of gas boilers in my hands. Consoned, outlined the situation, an hour later, the Master promised to come to the diagnosis. Checking the boiler, the master sentenced the control board to replace. After putting on the day off, that all the stores are closed, and the burnt fee is a terrible deficit and order it needs from Moscow, and it will come only through workers 4-5 days, the master called some familiar.

After that, he said that there is a rare opportunity to quickly get a restored fee, which will work as a new one for 14 thousand rubles plus installation and setting up the boiler. Plus, it is desirable to supply a dielectric coupling and voltage stabilizer. Behind the coupling — a thousand with work, a stabilizer with a thermal plate of 4 thousand. And for everything about everything will turn out 22 thousand rubles.

I did not like something in this person. Some inner chitric, sliding. Therefore, he was sent to walk on an hour or another with an explanation that there was no money at all if we find it, then I would immediately call (in principle it was so).



And about the miracle! Tube took.

Explained the situation, they said expect, after 10 minutes the brigade will be. Exactly after 10 minutes drove UAZ with two young guys. We looked, once again sentenced the management fee, they said: a miracle that she lived so much (specifically, this model is often burning by itself), scratched the head, called somewhere.

After that they said: there are no cards in the stores, but there is one new one in the far warehouse for 8,200 rubles (as I checked on the Internet, it costs 8750), coupling 200 rubles, stabilizer 2900, installation for free, setting, cleaning, checking and checking and Run 500 rubles.

In one hour, they went to the other end of the city, brought the control board, all set, launched, set up. I also left a personal phone just in case: if you suddenly, call at any time, we will come quickly everything.

I finish this article, scrolling what happened in the mind. Damn it! How strongly different approaches to work! Let us leave aside the human qualities of the «master» and guys from the service service. But the fact remains a fact, if the first to serve on people, in the first place is a momentary profit, then the second is important human attitude and a good opinion about himself. They know exactly what if I have something happens again, I will turn to them only to anyone else!

P.S. The coming in the house of the cold was rejoiced only by our Samoyen dog. She quietly lying in the kitchen, looked at everything that was happening and thought: Finally, the owners will be normal in the welfare cone, it will not have to hide and sweat all night. It would still be snowing at the sofa … when it became warm again, it was very unhappy.

Five Chinese shopping areas, cheaper or more convenient to Aliexpress

The purchase of Chinese goods in the minds of almost every Russian is inextricably linked with Aliexpress. In fact, this is not the most convenient, not the highest quality and not the cheapest marketplace.

She has a lot of competitors in China, and each of them is trying to bring buyers with something: quality, unique assortment, low prices, branded goods, sellers of their other countries, etc. I will try to briefly talk about what I know, what features they have.

Here we go?

The greatest emphasis was made on the goods for home, beauty, decoration, female and men’s clothing. The trading platform has a special adaptation for the Russian-speaking audience, many sellers work on the CIS countries. Although the entire field is international and calmly sends parcels to Canada, USA and Europe.

The playground has its own specificity: it does not dwell only in Chinese products, there are many sellers from Taiwan, South Korea and even Japan.

Prices approximately correspond to the level of Aliexpress, something more expensive, something cheaper, and sometimes one to one.

Shoes, clothing, hobbies, hobbies, electronics, machinery and equipment for small and medium businesses. But mostly electronics. Very large section of goods for tourism and outdoor activities. And these goods are often cheaper than Ali.

All texts and descriptions in English are not specifically Russified, but you can choose the Google-translation function directly on the site. The main focus is made on the quality of goods.

It is hard to fight with unscrupulous sellers, so in case of deception, write immediately in support, the reaction will follow immediately. A lot of trademarks that produce goods only for the domestic market (Chinese open-ups from the site of

Payment on the website of the Card Visa or through the PayPal system, and this is not always convenient.

One of the competitors of Ali, who tries to take the price. It is not always that it turns out, especially since the price will always be lower than on Taobao and 1688. Pump out frequent delivery problems, although it happens that it comes at times faster than with Ali. Payment both visa and electronic money, even Yandex.Money. There are a lot of tools and goods for repair, construction, needlework.

Some of my acquaintances are sick from admiration for this site, part is sleeping — someone got quickly, someone burned. From the disadvantages, I will note questions for support, can be banned in case of disagreements with a «large and respected» seller.

The playground created to work with retail and small wholesale. There are a lot of fakes, a lot of slag, a lot of a keet shield. Therefore, in no case cannot be bought at the lowest prices — the quality will not be exactly pleased.

You can buy both in bulk and retail, but you need an intermediary for shopping. On this site there are shops of large retail chains and firms, even Adidas and Nike. There are also products categories used.

Photographic works very well. This chip often helps us find accessories for jewelry.

The resource administration constantly conducts draws, contests, offers coupons, there is a system of points and promotions. For example, only for filling in the consumer’s questionnaire you will be given a discount on any product in 30 yuan.

The most «fashionable» Chinese resource, the main focus in which is made to fashion, decoration (both jewelry and jewelry). Payment is made by any ways, even world maps. Prices for many goods are lower than on Aliexpress, and the quality is incomparably higher. Many products made of natural fabrics.

Please note: almost every thing, decoration and other goods can be a very detailed description and comments, users can add reviews for each purchased product and for it they are accrued bonuses!

The site has several bonus programs, coupon system, discounts for the amount and volume. Thanks to them, for example, a demi-season coat of very good quality with all bonuses can be bonus in 2.5 — 3 thousand. The same coat on Ali will cost 1.2 — 2 thousand more expensive. In the boutiques of my city the same coat sold for 12 thousand.

Oh yes. There is another trading platform. She is the cheapest, there is no price below, all sellers with Aliexpress and Taobao are purchased there. But she has two drawbacks: it is intended for the internal market of China, so all the descriptions are only in Chinese. From Russia on this site, you can buy all our wholesalers from there, delivery works, but … Google translator sometimes gives such pearls … If it is interesting, write in the comments, I will tell you about it in one detail.

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As one pharmacy in the Baltic States increased sales at 962 times: it began to sell magic stories along with medications

Agree, a campaign in the pharmacy in most cases does not bring pleasure to anyone. Well, if only behind the powder or nipple on the occasion of the birth of a child, here without options — you fly on the wings of happiness.

And, agree again, recently pharmacies for our cities and the weighs divorced more than grocery stores. You do not know where to go first: for the headache or from headaches. That is why today pharmacies meet with terrible competition, they literally slander each other.

Sometimes on one crossroads can be counted not one, not two and not even three pharmacies. For example, in my city on one of the intersections it costs 7 pharmacies at once! Obviously not from the big mind it is done. And such in many cities not only Russia, but other countries.

How in such a rigid competition to conquer a place under the sun?

Very interesting, and most importantly effective, the way there was one Baltic pharmacy. The fact is that opened in the historic center, the owner of the pharmacy suddenly discovered that all locals are extremely conservative and go to those pharmacies in which their parents and their parents and their parents.

And they do not want to walk to a new pharmacy! Well, in any way!

Discounts did not help.

The price reduction did not help (it can be broken).

What to do?

And the owner of the pharmacy found a way out! He created a site for his pharmacy and began selling drugs over the Internet with quick delivery within one hour. Simple, completely ordinary medicines, at the same prices as competitors, sometimes even higher …

For one small difference, but which has influenced a huge growth in sales!

Absolutely under each medicine, the owner of the pharmacy placed a small invented story. These stories could be both fun, and sad, magical and not very, but they were always good and had a good end.

Which, however, it was possible to learn only when the buyer ordered a medicine through the pharmacy site. And the courier for an hour brought the customer the required medicine …

Many residents of the town specifically ordered through the medication site and gladly read wonderful magic stories for night, about beautiful princesses and brave knights, funny pipelists and gentle minesters, stupid kings and smart jesters, and a warm sun and a tender rain, fragrant grass and beautiful flowers.

I do not know how effective money was effectively, but in quantitative terms, sales amounted to 962 times.

And, I think you will agree for the third time that this idea could be adopted by many handmade craftsmen, artisans and needlewomen. After all, the magic story in the posts of the social network is much more attractive than boring lines:

Sell …

the weight…


the size…

Price …


By the way, I know another interesting case when the oldest pharmacy began to sell no medicine, but the magic, hand-made cake, chocolate and other sweets. If I wonder if you write in the comments, I will tell about it in another article.

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