Builders were mistaken with one film on the roof of our house.


Many cherished the dream of her home. Much less people can afford this very dream. Even fewer people live sobfully in their embodied dream. All other homeowners face one problem, then on the other, then with the third. And okay if these problems can be eliminated at high costs, but often builder errors are poured into very big money for the owners.

It was in such a situation that we were.

Our house, our white-blue dream — a wooden single-storey log house from a bar with a cross section 150 * 150, insulated with mineral wool and siding. Warm, convenient, economical … But with one of the withdrawal, the correction of which fell in 250 thousand rubles.

The fact is that our house has Masrand, … Marsanda, …. aaaaa, yes, mansard. In the construction of which «specialists» made a small such error, a thickness of less than one millimeter.

When the house was only, only let down under the roof, the builders clearly and clearly explained that it was a warm room, so the roof will be insulated. Moved experienced Brigadier proudly said:

And instead of a vapor-permeable membrane, stuck on the whole roof rubberoid. And in some places in two layers.

Apparently so much nothing bit.

So it turned out.

Only in a year, when it came to the warming of the roof, it became clear that the rubberoid would not allow the roof to breathe and the entire steam remains in the insulation.

He is insulated on conscience, everything is punctured by a special scotch, so even in the most firing cold was warm (it was held -37). But when the warming came, the roof was crushed with such a force that the accumulated moisture was inflated here such «beautiful» bubbles.

Urgently, the children were evacuated from the attic, heating was muffled, vaporizolation and insulation removed, the influx of warm air stopped.

It saved the roof from rot.

But wet all overha!

In the summer, a brigade already real specialists who truly engaged in the roofs saved our attic:

One little film made an impossible life in half at home. I do not argue, this is my straight wine — there is no knowledge at the very horses for the control of a competent specialist. Which will be eligible at any time stop the construction process and prevent possible errors.

Now, after a few years, looking at how build houses in our village, I understand — the participation of a competent specialist is simply necessary.

In general, we are still easy to fall, the neighbor is on the village because of the same shortness, just drove the house. Just took and just went. Another neighbor, … but these are other stories.