Brigadier-Tajik said: «90% of builders put borders incorrectly. Let’s show you how masters put»

It is difficult to imagine a modern cottage without a beautiful walkway from a stitching or at a thin end of self-sidewalking paving slabs. And each owner in dreams represents how around his house builders laid paving slabs, according to the standards of construction hazu, and it costs this good decades, and all neighbors are quietly jealous.


How wrong!

The fact is that the pavement tile is very capricious material that requires a huge number of preparatory work. It is worth an accumulation at least at one stage and instead of slender rows of tiles cottage turns out to be surrounded by the coronal teeth of the snake Gorynych.

But there will be a separate article about it, and today we will talk about what many attention does not pay, as it is considered that I am very clear — I put on a pillow of rubble, put the «flames» from concrete and installed on the level as on top photo . It remains only to sash the membrane, pour sand and put the tile.

Do you know what happens then … through a year old?

What you see in the photo below:

The fact is that most of the builders put borders on the leaps and it is completely wrong. Of course, in the regions with a warm climate, where the Earth almost does not freeze this method well works.

But what to do with us in the Urals or in Siberia, where in the winter the earth will go away just so?

Many of my friends in a year or another after the departure of the builders suffered with gradually growing frequencies from raw land. Although in the first year everything looked beautiful and well-groomed.

And I would also suffer, if I did not win the lottery. The most real lottery is this year for work before the workshop I came across a real brigade of Tajiks. I know, for many «professionals-Tajiks» sounds like a gynecologist, but still a collector was held in my street.

Guys are really sensible. Passed in my area, looked at all the buildings, they pore up, then sadly shook their heads sadly and with hope in the voice asked:

Uh, Daragoy, can bring better?

Naturally, I did not agree. The guys have come torture, counted the volume of work and asked to buy more dropout, cement, geotextile and fittings …

Guys, why did the fittings? It is now made of gold.

-For borders.

-In terms of?

Did you see that the neighbors are danced?


You have water nearby, you need to put borders in the castle, then for centuries.

There is nothing to do, since they were told on the century, it means for centuries. I had to buy fittings. The brigade asked for reinforcements for three lengths of borders necessarily with a diameter of 8 mm.

Straightening the heart, and, having encouraged the green toad in the wallet, I went to the market and bought everything the required brigade. Those immediately started work. I have not seen such well-coherent movements. By evening, everything was ready.

At the self-status, the technology of the installation of «eternal» borders is very simple. The fact is that the flames of cement, as most builders do, do not save the paths from the grounds of the soil and frosty powder. Therefore, under the curb needed its mini-foundation with reinforcement.

The brigade of Tajiks put the borders on a small foundation, which laid three rods of fittings. It turns out an improvised concrete lock.

Two reinforcements are played below frosty, and one rear rear plays the horizontal movements of the soil. Even if the soil is strongly frightened, the cruise plug will not give the concrete lock.

Such a scheme guarantees that the borders will not break, they will not be reheated and in general, several decades everything will be «lying to write down.» So exactly the day instead of a mini-waste, in front of the garage — a future big workshop, the silhouette of the track began to be paid out.

The first stage of construction work, for this season, started. Well, about what we’ve conceived and for which all this is a little later. The volume of work is serious, we are trying to combine construction, work on the site and trips to fairs. I hope it will work.

Good luck to everyone, until tomorrow!

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