Bought on the shares of knives from the famous cook: showed their blacksmith and cook professional


Forming! Two years ago about the fact that on this ball there is a world-famous cook Jamie Oliver, I did not know. My daughter decided to flow into college in the specialty of the food industry technologist.

You have already guessed … Now I know who Jamie Oliver, we have all his books, the computer will break from movies and movies with his recipes. And dad, that is, I explained that he does not understand anything in the high kitchen, there is meat it is bad and generally go from the kitchen away, do your glass.

I even finish the scrambled eggs on the cook feten!

But when knives appeared in the «Metro» network with the physiognomy of a smiling British cook, I was given a clear indication that I should buy. Remember how in a fairy tale about the scarlet flower: «And you bring me the knives imported, overseas, to cut everything, from lettuce, sausages to lunch.»

The desire of the daughter was performed, the scarlet flower … Ugh, the knife from Jamie Oliver was bought, solemnly handed over and was placed in the company to themselves like — professional kitchen knives.

It so happened that this year the share with knives from Jamie Oliver is conducting another trading network — «Ribbon». Naturally, the epic with a scarlet flower continued and the dad gave a clear indication where I should now buy all the products to assemble the necessary feeds to which you can buy new leaves.

As a result, two more knives were purchased, while the knives from Jamie Oliver in our kitchen three pieces. They peacefully adjacent to real professional cook knives.

And I thought: «

Moreover, the daughter, I, my wife and our friends, of which one blacksmith, and the second cook-professional, opinions about these most novels are fundamentally different.




Now about friends.

Interestingly, my professional knives showed a hardness of 66 units. Steel is very and very hard, at the sharpening bar I can sharpen three knives from Jamie Oliver during the time until I right one. Pay attention to the penultimate photo — in the smallest of the knives, the recess on the blades is perfectly visible.

It is all from constant sharpening and blades for two years.


And now, as always, «Cherry on the cake.»

In the promotional books «Metro» and «Ribbons» it is said that these knives go at a special price and nothing else to buy them anywhere.

Hmm … I checked.

It turned out to be.

True, the price of such sets bites, but I was interested in another. The fact is that the promotional sets of knives in the «ribbon» and «metro» are different from those sold in other stores. If you look at the sets of knives from Jamie Oliver, which I found in Yandex.Market, then these knives are more and thicker, the design of them is another, more pleasant to the hand, handle is monolithic, without rivets, and the stand under the knives is different. Or Jamie was detected by several sets of knives, or for the promotion there are not those sets, a little simpler.

What are we in the dry residue?

Everything is very simple. it

So, without fear, use on health … «Flower of allen»