Bought a professional milling mill for a domestic workshop for 3 thousand: it scolds, but still enjoy it


There is such a thing as Ponte.

It is very well traced in cars.

If you need to be guaranteed to get from point A to point B, then buy Vesta, Solaris or Polo.

If the money is a little better and you need to emphasize the emerging status, then Camry, Landcruisers, Tipuans are used.

When the status soars in the stratosphere and they can shoot down satellites in a small near-earth orbit, its owner smoothly moves its body on Mercedes, BMW, Porsche.

Well, if the crown is getting stuck somewhere between the sun and the moon, the new owner of the world buys Bentley or some Rolls-Royce.

In the world of tools, there are also our frets, their Mercedes and their Bentley.

For the next construction season, I will need a milling mill. Therefore, I looked at my status and decided to buy a simple tool.


A tool that is absolutely devoid of Ponte, who scolds almost everything, but at the same time enjoy a huge number of masters by the same tool. Even many professionals began their work exactly, and now have it as a spare.

Meet! Milling brand «Fiolent».

Yes, it would be possible to take Mcita, Bosch or AEG. Yes, there is also Festul and Milwaukee, who are standing like Bentley. But for the domestic workshop to buy Bentley, when there is a Lada, which is guaranteed to make what is written in the passport — there is no point. Therefore, I bought Lada Vesta in the world of manual milling mills.

To be honest, there is nothing to describe in this jiggy. He does what the manufacturer laid into it. And he laid only one single thing in the mill — quickly and powerfully twist the shaft.


And what else do you want for this money?

But how he does it!

Let’s talk about the merits and why I took it.

Low price. Try to go to the corporate store Bosh or Makita and say: I want a milling mill for 3500. To be off. I guarantee! Or in the back of the head will fly something honesty, or they will cause people in white coats from the local mental hospital. But the prices for an import tool have recently become not humane at all.

Smooth start. How they managed to shove a smooth start in such a price I can not even imagine. But he is. I tried. For sure there!

Unsubracted engine. It works, works and works. What else do you need? Cases of engine failure in these milling mills are very small.

Adjusting revolutions. It is, not without Ogrech (about it in shortcomings), but there is. And Thank you.

The working stroke of the cutter is 50 mm, which is not bad in itself, although imported mills have a minimum of 55 mm. If it does not suit you — see the first item.

Power. The engine gives a completely sane 1100 watts. Many professional bosch mills have only 900 watts of power, and nothing, everyone is satisfied.

Accuracy. All risks on the line are adjusted, and not painted with easely black paint. And surprisingly, they are accurate. As the manufacturer assures, the total milling accuracy is 0.1 mm. According to my ugress, it is.

And the last. The most important thing. The cartridge of this milling has no backlash. For 3500 and there are no hoptes! Read reviews on the same Bosch Pof1400? How many obscene vocabulary pours out on this car, which is beautiful in itself, is well assembled, but because of his backlash, it is to work with it — hello flour. And this is 9800! As they say, feel the difference.

Disadvantages. Without them in any way:

Short power cord — a little more than a meter. It will not even happen to hang on it. And it will not stand the load — for the chlipkot. In addition, it is made of thin black PVC, so in the cold Dube with a terrible force.

Roll control. Of course, for 3500 thanks that he is generally. Might immediately to maximize with terrible noise (see the next item). But the steps in it are not provided, therefore, in the old manner, everything will have to do on the eye. Listening to hellish noise.

Are you tired of forever screaming and noisy neighbors? I tell how to teach them. You buy this mill, cover the truck button with a tape, expose speed to maximum and put in a tin bucket. After that put a bucket on the battery and, please run to the door. An hour later, the neighbors will be honored to turn off this hello to the typewriter, to offer any money will agree to give the hand and the heart of his beloved daughter. Well, or choose your door directed nuclear explosion, which no one in the entrance is heard — this is the neck of the hellish car!

Build quality. Despite the fact that the milling mill consists of a metal, everything concerns plastic … In short, the Chinese have something to learn from us! I did not meet such a silent assembly. Everything that can shake and rattle. And what can not, too shake.

What is the result? Good adequate thing for your 3500-3800. If it cost more than 6-8 thousand, I never bought. So there rules Bosch and the cheapest Mcita. For a beginner master is the most. With experience, code you will turn his level, you will already know exactly what you need. And this one? And he will be a spare … or up to the next noisy neighbors.