Asked the director of the Sales Department of Stroybase: what will be with prices for building materials.


I have a good friend who suddenly became simply indispensable: he works in the sales department of a large construction organization. Rather, the wholesale base of building and finishing materials, where almost all builders of our city come every day.

After all, it’s no secret that builders-professionals and ordinary people who make repairs or build a house (one!) Buy materials in different places.

If in one, then the final price tag will still be different!

There is even a simple person to make a discount, then it will be 5-7 or 10% and it will have to knock it out for a long time. The builder will come, consider, smile and in general without request will receive from 15 to 30% of the discount. You understand all the vina volumes.

Yes, the loner is screwed more, but it’s not particularly profitable to sell it, since it is 10-20 or even 50 thousand knows a little for a large base, while the foreman or the owner of the Stroyfirm «brings in the beak» 300 or more.

In addition to the decent material benefit, a big advantage of cooperation with such a base is … as if it would be more consistent … the ability to keep your hand on the pile of prices. Thanks to acquaintance with the manager, you will always be warned about the upcoming rise in price. Or, on the contrary, they will raise on the phone and ask:

-Do us a good action on the coroede, do you leave?

Come on cans 10, the dinner of the Saying.

And in the evening you have slender rows of beautiful cans, which are twice as expensive in retail stores:

It is on such a base that my good friend works as a sales director. And in my last visit, I asked him the question:

-Well, what about sales? I heard the plywood fell, and a lot of things fell in price. When I come to you with money for the next season.

And he take and say:

The materials consider you the materials, let’s go show.

We went to the domestic courtyard of the base. Mom, dear! Edrit Madrete, as the incomparable love of Pallna from the TV series said.

You see everything yourself.

And explained:

See Everest from the insulation. We have such a picture, as a rule, in April. We clog the base to the abandon on the eve of the construction season. Starting from May of the month, this Everest slowly begins to melt. And by the middle of June there will be Mariana Vadina. For all that we will bring closer immediately from the wheels.

The city is actively built, in the district more than two dozen cottage villages, plus villages. So instead of the goods there are naked shelves. For example, you would wait for two weeks a couple of years ago for two weeks.

In the same year, everything went awry. The rise in prices forced many or refuse to build, or reduce volumes. And instead of the golden mountains, we faced the fact that the warehouses are full and these materials at least one place is foggy.

Prices went down. Instead of 3,000 thousand per sheet of plywood, we have 1350. Soon the party is 1100 soon.

And where to give this?

And by the way, 20,000 sheets lies!

The construction season ends, they will rain and we are in a puddle. So from October will go discounts. And in November we will be a wolf to pull — just to take.

In January, as always there will be a correspondence of the price tags, as manufacturers reject new prices to us. Therefore, November is a beautiful month for shopping. If you are going to be built next season — come to visit, we will be ready for your head to the head to lick just to stay …

He poured it to me all on his head and went, leading a finger on the dusty slopes of the mountain, folded from the stacks from the insulation. I stood the impressed by the unsold volumes of the goods and moved behind him.

The conclusion did, I save money, I love when I lick me.