As the USSR wanted to surprise US 6 tons of crystal and what happened


Traditionally, it is believed that the confrontation of the USSR and the United States began after World War II, when Winston Churchill has pronounced his famous Fulton’s speech, which began the beginning of the Cold War. However, the confrontation between the USSR and the United States began much earlier, even at first glance, close economic and cultural relationships were more similar to the «marriage of calculation», when the spouses live together, create the visibility of the hostel, but it is constantly competing with each other. Then one «spouse» will show what an indispensable, then the second will demonstrate that only boiled eggs is steeper.

The field of the «cultural» struggle of two powers in the pre-war period was the worldwide exhibitions, which were held in the largest cities of Europe and America. Interestingly, the USSR began to take part in the World Exhibitions since 1925, that is, 4 months after France first recognized the new Soviet state. And from the very beginning, the Soviet government wanted to surprise the whole world, demonstrate the power of Soviet culture, technology and science.

We all know the bullfin of the «worker and collective farmers» faith Mukhina, who surprised Paris in 1937, not only lazy wrote about it. And for some reason by the World Exhibition of 1939 in New York, although the cultural confrontation of the USSR and the United States and the desire of Stalin to surprise the whole world appeared on it most bright.

A huge statue («worker with a star») was also brought to this exhibition («Worker»), which was dropped by 50 meter pedestal (in total, the height of the entire design was 80 meters). But the «nail» of the cultural program was not this colossus. Show all the power of Soviet science, culture and technology, surprise the entire European world was called up … Fountain.

And it succeeded!

Yes, the huge statue of the worker before the exposure was surprised and struck, but even large crowds of people stood before the fountain. Stood and admired them.

The height of the fountain was 4 meters 25 cm., The diameter of the bowl is 2.5 meters, and it was made from the purest crystal. A huge bowl in the frame of stained-glass plates, bronze jewelry and noble patina simply amazed. Still, never in one country of the world of glass windows did not cast a huge bowl of crystal … a single piece.

The fountain was created by the project I. Chaikov and F. Entelis in extremely short time. In the summer of 1938, a decision was made, and in the fall of the same year, the fountain was ready. The top of the fountain was decorated with hollow crystal tubes stylized under the ears of wheat. From the sections, water flowed into the small bowl, after which he slowly flowed into the big one.

Western press perceived this fountain … as a defeat of the entire European and American industry. Many could not believe that in extremely short time it was possible to make such a beautiful thing. Experts rated the cost of creating a fountain translated into modern money in 250,000,000 rubles.

Unfortunately, the fate of this fountain was far from the fountain. After the end of the world exhibition, he was dismantled and collected in the main pavilion of the SCR, in 1954 the fountain was transferred to one of the secondary pavilions, after which his trail is lost …

How was his fate, whether he was preserved, where he is information, unfortunately, no.

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