As one pharmacy in the Baltic States increased sales at 962 times: it began to sell magic stories along with medications


Agree, a campaign in the pharmacy in most cases does not bring pleasure to anyone. Well, if only behind the powder or nipple on the occasion of the birth of a child, here without options — you fly on the wings of happiness.

And, agree again, recently pharmacies for our cities and the weighs divorced more than grocery stores. You do not know where to go first: for the headache or from headaches. That is why today pharmacies meet with terrible competition, they literally slander each other.

Sometimes on one crossroads can be counted not one, not two and not even three pharmacies. For example, in my city on one of the intersections it costs 7 pharmacies at once! Obviously not from the big mind it is done. And such in many cities not only Russia, but other countries.

How in such a rigid competition to conquer a place under the sun?

Very interesting, and most importantly effective, the way there was one Baltic pharmacy. The fact is that opened in the historic center, the owner of the pharmacy suddenly discovered that all locals are extremely conservative and go to those pharmacies in which their parents and their parents and their parents.

And they do not want to walk to a new pharmacy! Well, in any way!

Discounts did not help.

The price reduction did not help (it can be broken).

What to do?

And the owner of the pharmacy found a way out! He created a site for his pharmacy and began selling drugs over the Internet with quick delivery within one hour. Simple, completely ordinary medicines, at the same prices as competitors, sometimes even higher …

For one small difference, but which has influenced a huge growth in sales!

Absolutely under each medicine, the owner of the pharmacy placed a small invented story. These stories could be both fun, and sad, magical and not very, but they were always good and had a good end.

Which, however, it was possible to learn only when the buyer ordered a medicine through the pharmacy site. And the courier for an hour brought the customer the required medicine …

Many residents of the town specifically ordered through the medication site and gladly read wonderful magic stories for night, about beautiful princesses and brave knights, funny pipelists and gentle minesters, stupid kings and smart jesters, and a warm sun and a tender rain, fragrant grass and beautiful flowers.

I do not know how effective money was effectively, but in quantitative terms, sales amounted to 962 times.

And, I think you will agree for the third time that this idea could be adopted by many handmade craftsmen, artisans and needlewomen. After all, the magic story in the posts of the social network is much more attractive than boring lines:

Sell …

the weight…


the size…

Price …


By the way, I know another interesting case when the oldest pharmacy began to sell no medicine, but the magic, hand-made cake, chocolate and other sweets. If I wonder if you write in the comments, I will tell about it in another article.

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