As in the USSR, we decided to prove to the whole world that the Soviet people are richer kings: many still stored this proof

Good day, friends!

And you never thought, why in Soviet times almost in every self-respecting home, in the hall or living room hung a big crystal chandelier? No? Sit down more comfortably, the story will not be short, because no one is to blame for this as a king …

He lived yes was in one not a small European country king major. The most real major. By the king, he became in 5 years and already sissism was used to the fact that all his Wishlist should be executed. A little bit wrong — hysterics and reference or even worse — separation of the head of the guilty of the rest of the body.

The country was called France, and the king called Louis XV. Thanks to Dumas and his immortal «three Musketeers», we are more familiar with his great-grandfather — King of the sun by Louis XIV. That fanatel from the mirrors and sought all the premises of his palace to separate with mirrors.

Louis XV also had an addiction to crystal. It is clean and transparent, like a tear of a baby, glass it liked so much that the Major king sought to furnish the crystal. Dishes, vases, decanters — everything was crystal. Including huge, multi-torque chandeliers from crystal and precious metals.

One no hope of Crystal in France did not know how to do, so the royal crystal was purchased in Venice. Venetian glassware, realizing that the king is very rich, and the French themselves do not know how to do this, traditionally «Stream» grandmother. The experts of the king on the crystal were so big that he was vigilant:

-I would be careful with spending, cira. And then you are so fashionable, which contain you no longer profitable.

It is on such a warning Louis responded with his famous phrase:

After us, at least a flood.

Reply answered, but he thought about his production. And the first year in the small village of Bakkar opened the first in France plant for the production of lightened glass. But it was not yet a crystal. The latter was able to pay only in 1816.

Since then, the privilege of Bakkar firm has become a decoration of all French palaces with huge crystal chandeliers. In each hall of each French castle or the palace, a large crystal chandelier was to hang.

Fashion for chandeliers among the kings and kings of all the masters and ranks appeared precisely because of France. Even the emperor Nicholas II had weakness to French crystal and most of the dishes and chandeliers of the Winter Palace were manufactured by this company.

All «royal» chandeliers had one common line — a cascade style of execution.

And since the fashion for the chandeliers was precisely among the vengeons, the price tag for this subject of the interior was the extent. Even oooooogenous wealthy people often could not afford to have such a chandelier. No one for ordinary people have such beautifulness to have!

Everything changed with the arrival of the Bolsheviks in Russia.

Those we remember well, all nationalized, as they believed that the entire fullness of power in the country should be among the people. Accordingly, the people should live like in the palace.

The fact is that in 1935 a formal decision was made: to prove to the world that in the USSR there is a simple people no worse than kings. That is why imperial style has been formed with an abundance of columns, crystal into several rows and brass instead of precious metals.

Remember which sanatorium palaces were built for recreation workers in resort places.

The obligatory decoration of such palaces was a huge crystal chandelier in a cascade performance. The design of such chandeliers approved Joseph Vissarionovich himself.

Over time, the chandeliers crushed and the Soviet industry began to make cascade crystal chandeliers for apartments of ordinary and not very ordinary Soviet citizens. At first, partners acquired such chandeliers, then the «royal luxury» got to the simple people.

But since the crystal was not enough for everyone (even despite the importation of Czechoslovak glass), over time, it began to refuse and glass was replaced by plastic. Thus appeared very popular in the late USSR chandeliers «Cascade» — a symbol of the fact that the simple people live better than kings.

Plastic with the time of the jug and collected dust. Once a year, the chandelier was disasseably disassembled with soap, sometimes it was a whole ritual. But the production was massive — such chandeliers were almost every apartment, many of them have so far, if not at home, then in the country or in the garden.

Did you have such a chandelier? Or maybe now?

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