As in Finland, make a blind area around the house: without concrete, expensive membranes, drainage.


Skosting and the house is like buckwheat and oil, milk and cookies, tank and caterpillars, USA and sanctions … You can continue endlessly. Do the blind area around the house — Nerush Rashen Tradshin. And if you ask any builder:

Why should I do break around the house?

You yourself will ask:

Are you crazy? The scene is convenient to walk around the house, and in general it is just a walkway, this is a removal of water from the foundation, the protection of the walls from splashes and …

A more couple of thousands of arguments.

But, in fact, the scene in Russia is not built because of this.


It is built for just one thing:

So that the life of the Malina does not seem!

As soon as the host will plan around the house, he has a headache: how to do it, so that it does not break how to fix it to the foundation, how to heat up, how to make it not raised it, it did not break, did not bother out of what to do .

And when the scene is already built, the owner understands that his whole headache passes a little lower and becomes never passing hemorrhoids: why it turned around, why it screamed, why the concrete is destroyed why the tile crackled, because of what borders are behind the mold under the sexes How I was able to crash …

StopPP, and still drainage … that song …

When we built a house, I was categorically against the scene. But the father-in-law insisted on his and green kid, under pressure the authority agreed. Now I understand — this is my biggest mistake.

And I was interested in the question: what are the breakfast in countries that are more or less close to us climate? For example, in the same Norwegian, Finland and other northern Europe.

He went to a friend to see his Finnish house and a little … when … Pre … was thinking. And he has no breakfast! It, as it were,, but it is no matter how in our Russian understanding: it is simply navanene and smooth a white leg-legged layer.

I ask:

-Do you will do the next year?


-And then what? Here you have preparation lies.

-This and there is a scene!

-Did not understand. Explain! Clearly, in the case, with arrangement.

So, how do solestek around houses in cold European countries. Very simple:

They do not do it!

Why protect what will be constantly collapsed and will it have to constantly repair? How the scene is arranged in Russia: we have a sophisticated pie, under which drainage, sand, crushed stone, membranes, the scene itself is needed to close something from above …

And if the drainage is born, then all the water goes exactly under the foundation. And if he is not slab, then under the house, the lake is formed in the sand, which in the winter evaporates moisture under the floors.

What is formed there? Mushroom farm!

So, Finns, Norwegians, Swedes, Danes, and even the most famous British came to the same conclusion, which has long been described in the alleged «ancient and outdated» textbooks on the design of buildings of the USSR (any Stroyzdatov textbook):

Around the house, the scene is organized by

Her value of a penny, and it will work forever!

Look at the photo of urban and rural houses, for example, in England. Many do not even raw crushed stone. 5 cm. From home and immediately goes a flower garden.


Flowers love rain moisture, and not watering with chlorine!

So in a new house that I am going to build and which, I really hope, will be deprived of many of my mistakes, the scene from the concrete will not be at all, from the word … and there will be no way!