As in 62, divorce, find the love of all your life and move to Crimea


Someone will say: Brechnya!

Let him right …

Someone will say: «At this age it’s too late to change something!»

I will answer: «Nothing like that!»

I will say even more:

Change his life yourself and never late

There are families where, with all the external well-being, a husband and his wife were never in real. It seems to be always together, always there, but you will look at, and these are not close people, these are two loneliness. He works, she works, in the evening they met, filed, looked at the TV, and so fell asleep — tomorrow to work.

So live from year to year, children are growing, they work … but the pension comes!

Faced with the need to live 24 hours a day with each other, the spouses suddenly discover that they are completely strangers. There are no common points of contact, mutual interests, hobbies, some one, but important for two, goals. General, finally.

So it happened with the heroine of my today’s story. I do not want to smudge dirty underwear, I’m interested in another. The fact is that the absolute majority of people, realizing that they were with a completely different person in retirement … continue to live with each other in inertia.

Scandals, swear, can not communicate with each other, the husband «dumps» from the house on fishing and disappears on it for weeks, the wife hits into clubs, sections, mugs, and so on.

No one wants … or rather wants, but it is afraid to make an important step. Why change something, because everything is arranged, house, car, repair, garden or garden, bath — all charms of secured life? Yes, and I do not want to scandal, spoil your nerves.

Not too late!

But only units can decide on such a step. My neighbor from their number. Realizing that the marriage is no longer, just wrote a statement about his termination, despite the objections and protests of her husband, divided property, sold a large, who became unnecessary house in 440 squares.

Do you know what happened next?

She found her first love and absolutely happy, going to explore, is going to finally move to the Crimea. Former husband, too, found old love, moved to the nature of Bashkiria, is also absolutely happy, goes to his beloved fishing, bought a new car, engaged in business.

But the most interesting happened two weeks ago. After selling his cottage, my former neighbors met at me at home «on neutral territory.» And the entire negative of the last year was forgotten, they became friends, they sat down with us with tea, ate a delicious cake, just so dangle about life, about plans, about changes in their completely new lives.


Someone will say:


Let his right … And I wish my former neighbors, on the part-time of my mother-in-law and the test, who were not afraid to change his life, good luck and long years in their new life. We will come to you. And our house is always open to you.

Do not be afraid to change your life, for it is never too late to change.