And yet it is possible to earn on the bead?

The author does not claim to be the truth in the last instance, everything that is said in this article is my personal opinion and conclusions, considering that it follows how to talk.

We have already spoken about what is happening in the market.

Everything concerns the beads for me is a pretty sick topic. High-quality bead decorations look like cosmos, it is really works of art. But, to my great regret, the reputation of the beads was very much spoiled by the painful passion of brooches, which I do not too lazy. And sometimes these decorations are extremely low quality, have a poor design, which is compensated by the transcendental price. Well, can not brooch from the Chinese bead, made ababy how, cost more jewelry.

It is very bitterly to watch as at the Fair of Masters in the same row there are beautiful works of real masters and cheeseless … at almost the same price.

As for earnings on the bead.

You understand yourself, the buyer can be found almost for everything, however, the opinion that as soon as you put work on the Internet — they will immediately buy it — nothing more than illusion. The proposal is now huge, and the demand is limited, especially since in the situation of the current crisis every penny in the account.

The only option to ensure good sales of jewelry and other bead products is to improve the quality of products, work on a new design and improving personal skill. Only such works are sold well that looks not what is perfectly, but just fantastically.

Low quality crafts from beads are practically not sold — at the handmade festivals, the initial level wizard stands almost without sales. And if you treat this category, then get ready for the fact that most of the works you will simply give. Even the decline in prices does not help — buyers are not a darummain now if it is poor quality.

It is even more difficult about pricing for pricing, because only the «highest flight wizard» can be aligned with the real price or higher. High-quality beads and materials are now standing like … You know. It turns out that many masters simply give their job to the buyer, picking up the materials at best. And this can not not be upset.

A good option earning on the bead — conducting training classes and master classes. In many fairs and festivals, I saw genuine interest in the eyes of children — they really wonder beading. And parents are ready to pay for it. There is an interest in adults themselves.

So the Master can conduct training classes for money — this is in demand. You can establish contacts with cultural centers, houses of creativity, private clubs (for example, «the» Sun House «operates in Magnitogorsk, where master classes are constantly passing).

Promotion and sales channels, target audience.

Direct sales are well suited for beads, that is, Kogla Master communicates with the buyer personally. Only the master can explain and show all the advantages of their work.

BUT! The most important thing is to be able to communicate and be able to sell. Smile, positive, good mood (even if the cat scrape on the soul), a direct look into the eyes to the buyer. If you hide at the table or showcase, the sales will be extremely small.

Very well selling classmates in the network. It is in this network that there is 60% of the target audience of jewelry of beads. Vkontakte loses classmates about three times! But in VK there are many large communities of reconstructors, where the decorations made of beads in a pseudo-historical style are well for sale.

Instagram should start selling a group only if your work on the level that is much higher than the average. In this network is the gloss and pont.

About Facebook — Forget the time.

Fair Masters — a beginner master here to do nothing (I take into account the policy of this resource), advanced masters have long been there their promoted stores (although many leave it). The resource is very overvalued.

If we talk about sales abroad, it is Etsy and eBay. More first. On eBay many Chinese who captured almost everything that can be, in addition, they often write complaints of non-existent disorders.

Etsy in priority, but the following points should be taken into account:

Summing up, I will say the following. The point of view that beadwork died, nothing is sold, everything is over — the root is incorrect. This type of needlework has a future. Yes, it is used extremely difficult, but everything that does not kill us makes us stronger …

I will be very happy to hear if you have a different point of view — express your considerations in the comments. For, as ancient said, truth is born only in the dispute.

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