After all, we can like it!

It’s time to admit honestly and openly, that with Miliard Tritarmey Comrade Si Neither the Master of Handmade, neither small, nor the medium, nor even a major business from Russia, can not compete. Do not want to work for a cup of rice, and that’s right.

In principle, in China, they also do not want to run for a penny, the average salary in the PRC over the past few years has grown very well. Of course, the average salary is akin to the average temperature in the hospital, plus a huge amount of benefits for manufacturers, so the work of the Chinese worker costs the employer much cheaper than we have in Russia. Therefore, reduce the price of the product produced in Russia. There is no sense — the Chinese will devote the price of their goods even lower.

Well, at least somehow you can fight with them in the field of trade?

In fact, you can!

First of all, quality. And in the second and subsequent — the release of such products that the Chinese will not want to repeat themselves.


Achilles fifth many Russian handmade masters engaged in the production of decorations is

Many masters do not bother and riveted decorations from Chinese junk. Quality is so-so. Considering that the Chinese themselves make decorations from their own fittings (as they died, they put them on the pole!) And all this is worth a penny, then buyers often do not see the difference between Chinese lots and products, I do not want to offend anyone, some Russian masters.

The motto «If there is no difference, then why pay more» it works like never!

Therefore, the only option is to distance themselves from Chinese products — to make high-quality decorations with domestic or European fittings. The Chinese are also not flashed and over the quality began to seriously work, for example, actively mastered the manufacture of surgical accessories from surgical steel than heavily by the Koreans. Those two years have been crying crocodile tears, they simply put them from the market.

Our masters-jewelers engaged in accessories for jewelry recently have recently joined the race for the consumer. And, judging by the company «Russian Filigree», they are not bad to catch up and even to overtake the Chinese work.

Masters-jewer know perfectly, which question most often ask buyers of decorations: and the metal will not darken? Will not fall off? And if in the case of the «China» truthful answer to give it difficult, then when using domestic fittings, the answer will be unambiguous: nothing will take it, nothing will fall off.

All this suggests that quality for people is in the first place.

The consumer does not want to give money to the hard work for poor-quality cheap. Let it be more expensive — yes better!

And the second way, with which you can distance from Chinese products — the manufacture of such accessories, which the Chinese will not want to repeat. A vivid example is our Russian filigree.

It is no secret that the low cost of Chinese products is due, among other things, the maximum simplification of technology, the use of as much qualified labor as possible, streaming (conveyor). With Filigree, this focus will not pass, it is for a long time, requires a certain level of skill and, ultimately, it will be too expensive even for the Chinese.

On social networks and on the pages of this blog, other masters often ask us «with what accessory work?». I will answer honestly. For some, the most beautiful jewelry that our workshop «Glass Fairy Tale» is bought out the fittings of production of Russian Filigues. Things look for five-plus. And you know, with what pride, to the buyer’s question: «What kind of fittings» we say: «Patriotic! Russian!».

I think that this company has something to be proud, for a year and a half the use of their products we did not receive a single complaint from the buyer! No one! This is already talking about something. And it’s great!

And in the conclusion of the article a slight retreat. Let’s immediately agree (I feel in one place that they will appear in the comments «Expert Experts» and «Valid Provons») — this article, like any other in my blog, never advertising! Filiginists about its existence do not even suspect. If I’m talking about someone or something about something, then it is interesting to me and I just want to share my thoughts. Even if someday, in a distant and bright future, advertising will still appear, it will be mentioned honestly, right, openly. And the advertising product will be tested by me personally, told everything honestly, without sticks and comfort, with all the advantages and disadvantages.

Soon there will be 5,000 thousand subscribers on the channel. Another spring was asked me — write about yourself. And I gave a stamp, as will be 5 thousand subscribers — I will write. We will get acquainted. I’ll tell you about myself, about my wife, family, the workshop, why this blog was created, for what purpose and on what principles it is leading.

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