7 things you need to know before buying an impact: the worse than the usual screwdriver


Recently, everything was prevented on the impacts. Many say that a simple screwdriver is yesterday. How cool to look at the roller in YouTube, where the host holds the tool with two fingers, and the huge self-sufficiency itself, it comes to a hefty piece of wood.

Beautiful? Understanding!

Comfortable? And how!

True there is but! And not one.

Impact (impact screwdriver, riforn), as Khazanov said, the SPSFS is a thing that is needed for very narrow tasks, so take it as a universal tool that an attempt to score a nail with a new iPhone: in general, you can, but my wife will make Harakiri by a cook. Brrrrr …

So let’s go:

Requirement to snap.

Secondly, the bits for pulse screws are made of soft metal (so that it spring during operation), and it is impossible to use them in simple shurren — the slots are instantly lick. So you will have to carry two sets to the snap.

Requirement to fasteners.

Standard black Self-tapping screws from the Chinese steel «Plasticine-3» impact turns so uninterrupted that the eye is not blinking as the torn «Baska» is already rotating in the board. So after purchasing a pulse rifle your choice only expensive fasteners.

Very expensive fastening!

It is difficult to adjust the torque.

In a normal screwdriver once set up the power of twisting and swipe in one mode, without fear, which will break the hat or tear plasterboard.


Such swells expensive, branded and save on them will not work. Yes, and find them difficult — they are not sold in any store. There are not many matters for impact screws at all. And, in general, the drilling for this tool is a secondary function. It does not use it at all better.

Impact is demanding of the battery charge level.



Although this deficiency can be paid to dignity. Do you annoy neighbors? Something drilled or drill? Believe me, after you buy the impact screw and immediately put the empty galvanized bucket to the wall, and click on it with the impact and turn it on … they will agree to everything if they do not go crazy.

And as a whole, this is a very good tool strictly for its tasks. We use it a pleasure.