7 Building materials who rise in price after the New Year: I found out from the dealer, what is best to buy about the supply

To be honest, I was not going to spend money on building materials before the new year.

All that is connected with the construction and repair of the house and the workshop I buy in March, when the construction season has not yet started, managers in construction companies do not look at buyers as gods, down:

«Take it while there is, or the season, the crowd here runs, and I am alone.»

In February-March in the eyes of the solders there is a hopeless longing:

-Well, at least one sale today, at least on a ten thousand. Yes, even on the heel!

Accordingly, the position of the buyer’s seller is changing dramatically, now you are the king and God, you are in my pocket of the desired money, you look into your eyes and … are ready for very «delicious» discounts.

But it seems, not this time!

There are a firm trading in construction materials in our city. She does not give advertising, they do not know her in stores, on building fairs and bazaars. She cooperates directly with developers. You need a professionalist to 10 houses at once or a flexible tile, or insulation, it is better to go there — below the price is not found anywhere since you are driven immediately from the factory, and your warehouse is clogged. The range is small, but everything that is indicated in the price is always there.

With the little things like me, they cooperate only because «

So, two days ago I needed to buy a roll of a special membrane for the attic. I went to them. In the city it costs 5700, they have 3,600.

Feel the difference!

And well, a familiar cute girl manager joyfully reports:

If you have the opportunity to take immediately to the whole object. All year have kept prices, but there will be a big increase. From the factories, new batch materials for the season 21 years are already going on new prices.

What is all right?

-No, but a number of positions are good up rushed. So take.

So I took. Someone buys champagne and caviar before the new year, I took building materials.

Plywood and plasterboard.

Pumps and automatic pumping stations.

Roofing materials.

Dear films (membranes).

It turns out that the membrane is worth 3600, after the holidays will make a gift to 4200. Therefore, he took a large membrane roll and several rolls with reinforced coolant reinforcement.


They were not a very humanized price tag, so many builders save them. True, then this savings are poured into a penny. My familiar two rolls of Scotch, saved by the brigade, cost 2 million rubles. That is, a million for a roll! Soon there will be a court with builders.


Shelf life has it until 22 years, so winter will survive without problems. Another ordered impregnation and oils for wood.

Puttles, putty, grouts, primers, plaster mixes.

I do not like to buy in bags, as it is very dusty, dirty, and children are allergic to construction dust. I take immediately in the finished form. Quality, by the way, is much better than in bags. In many ways, due to the fact that such «banks» almost do not forget, unlike bags that can be fascinated in any basement.

Also at the price, extruded polystyrene foam and slab insulation will well tighten. I hope that it is not strong, since the construction of a guest house and a workshop in the village is not far from around the corner, I am afraid of new prices, it will turn into a penny.

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