5 things about which «forget» many architects, and the owners of the houses are tormented


Everyone knows, my house is my fortress. The owner of the house, even if his structure nodes 3-4 hundred and represents «shack» in 35 squares, akin to the feudal. This is his personal ownership, his generic castle, the life is embodied in stone, concrete, or, at worst, mineral wool between the two plywood.

Therefore, by definition, the house should bring joy to its owner. And ideally be beautiful, spacious, comfortable … StopPP, I’ll talk about convenience today.

It often happens that in the photo, in a colorful project, the house looks at Aki sweetie, but in real life, you won’t call him another word as a «hemorrhoid». There are many reasons for this, but most often they arise at the design stage: the projector forgot, missed, it was too lazy, he quarreled with his wife, specially avenged …

Well, what are you ready? Go…

Interior doors.

And it is connected with their wrong arrangement or opening the doors not to the other side. The door can be opened inside, and if there, for example, it is a sofa — it will not completely open and you have to have a master of squeezed into a cloth. But the worst when the projectan is trying to fit several doors on a small patch. On paper, nothing terrible, but the owners …

I’ll tell you a specific situation.

7 years ago, the supplied company of industrial enterprises, where I worked, bought a cottage. Small such houses of squares 90. A couple of days after the move, the supplier came to work with the shiny fingers. We asked:

What happened, Petrovich?

Tempere climb.

-Like this?

It turned out that the house has a very convenient layout with the exception that the architect has moved all the bedrooms at one end of the house and brought the door of them together with the bathroom and the toilet on one Maaaalensky Piglet. And in the morning, when sleepy tenants come out of their fools, the doors beat each other. For one such blow, three fingers hit the right hand of Petrovich.

Do you think it all ended? How wrong!

He endured approximately … a week. Removed the doors at all. But the «passing yard» past the master bedroom did not suit him, and he turned the doors inside.


-What’s happened?

-Zhena has gone.


Yes No door.

-Do you shot them?

After an overweight surgery, he was going to work in one beautiful morning, stood from a closed door, hooped in a chest of drawers with a hipged hand. Where did the door handle come from a suddenly opened door? Yes, yes, yes it is under the right eye.

What epitles he was raised to the project, which metaphors were blooming from his mouth. Tyutchev, Fet and Ivan Barkov will envy his syllable!

Long corridor with a multitude of doors or one door at the end of the tunnel.

Yes, and the long corridor himself looks with a bunch of doors … does not look at all. And worse than just that it will not be possible to fix anything in this case.

The spread of boiler rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and other communications in different parts of the house.

The problem is different — if the boiler room with a gas boiler stands at one end of the house, and the point of water system in the other, then … wash, swim, take a shower, brushing your teeth in them. While the boiler turns on until the water heats up until it comes to the place where you are going … All the nerves have ended it for a long time and want Sadist architect to repeat the fate of Turgenev Mu Mu.

Well, impossibleoooooooo !!!!! You open the water, and it flows 5 minutes cold. The boiler will solve the problem, but only partially.

An ill-conceived ladder location is too cool staircase.

For example, in my house there is a separate passing room on the attic. But I did not consider the location of the door to the nursery, so the staircase is still cool. Even despite the fact that I made her corner.

Oh, yes …. saw such stairs?

Such stairs are called «duck step».

Do you have a passport?

Is it written there that you are a duck?

No? So, in no case do not make stairs for ducks!

These are stairs for kamikudze ducks. One year of life with such a staircase on average ends with one fracture of the leg / hand / neck and other parts of the human mechanism. Especially lucky «man-duck» are awarded with all the fractures at once.

Too small / large place for kitchen headset, cooking and refrigerator zones.

Even in the best houses

Many architects think that the «island» in the kitchen is cool.

I will open a terrible mystery — it is cool only in the photo.

In real life, it will be coping every way, running from him to the kitchen headset, then even pleasure. And from him and the cats love to smoke. They are really rushing from the possibility of jumping along the route: the island-kitchen headset and island and so 10 times in a row.

Do you think your cats don’t do that?

Groove while you sleep your pets still do something.

My neighbor has learned to open the refrigerator, smeared the oil on the bread, put the sausage on the bread, and then wash the knife so as not to fare …

Just kidding of course!

She just opened the nose with a freezer, the teeth pulled out the drawer and ate frozen cutlets in Kiev. In the morning it was very scolded, but … the winners do not judge.

Of course, in fact, such «uncomfortable» moments are more than 5, they are about 567! Probably, but this is not accurate. But imagine what volume will then be at the article! And I will write it to a pension. Therefore, we will stop while on these 5, I promise, I will soon please another selection. It is only necessary to wait, than one funny situation will end …