5 simple knowledge of the work of the Bulgarian, which the entire Internet argues: It turns out that there are answers in the instructions for workers in the US


At 3 o’clock in the morning, two locksters accompanied by a master were brought to the receiving peace of traumatology. The first band is bandaged, he sat, swinging on the couch, like ancient of Tolkien’s fairy tales, only clapped her eyes clean and calm like a baby. The second is completely different, and dressings on both legs. To the question of the surgeon:

What happened?

The master in the hearts said:

-Sami ask these …

Spat and gone. After the survey, when patients were hospitalized and picked up on couches in the ward. The receiving surgeon, giving away from laughter, went to the ordinator and bent in half from laughter told his colleagues.

Two locksmith in a night shift, taking advantage of the fact that the master went to take a nap, decided to set a little. Senake. Still led. And, as usual, not quite sober craftsmen, we spent the speech with a cooler with the tool.

Yes, I can cut off the 100th corner with one hand!

-And I can two fingers!

-And I can leg it in general.

-Well! Show …


They guessed what happened? It is quite expected, the disk bored, the heavy industrial grinder pulls out of … footrest feet … and she flies the second in the forehead !!!

Two acrobat brothers lay on neighboring beds.

One is fermented with fingers on one leg, and dislocate on the second. The second received a concussion, memory loss and closed CMT.

So Bulgarian tool is special, requires careful and respectful relationship. One slightest mistake and a couch in traumatology gets acquainted with a careless worker. And also the peculiarity of the Bulgarian is that it causes a wild number of disputes: how to work with it.

Here about them and talk:

Drive face up or inside.

There is a passport for each OSM. He is fat. Very fat. At the very beginning of this plump, Tomika on 2-3 pages, it is written in small font that it is possible to do with a grinder, and what is impossible. It is also written that it is impossible to unwind pets or point nails (apparently there were incidents). But neither in any paragraph is written which side to insert a disk in the USM.

So the manufacturer without a difference! Absolutely! If there was a difference, then believe me, wrote. And the biggest font!

But in the Code (in the US, the instructions are called codes) on the technique of safe operation with a manual instrument for industrial workers there is a clear indication.

This is a very voluminous document on 862 !!! Pages.

There is everything about working with a tool, even what hand wipe snot and scratch behind the ear in the process of work. Everything is done so that the company does not argue the lawyers of the injured worker.

So, in the code is written:

The disc should be attached to the front side up.

Do you know why? Because it is so visible to its marking and do not make mistakes with material for cutting. There are no more requirements.

How to fix the clamp nut with a narrow end or wide.

On the professional EMS of the last generation, the disk is made so that it is simply not tightened to another end. It is convenient, understandable, and too smart thoughts in the head do not climb.

Cut sparks from yourself or sparks on yourself.

Sparks from themselves drank everything that the sparks give. This is necessary to control spar formation (God forbid the wire will perch or get to the cylinder with gas and flammable substance) and the safety of overalls. Bourgeois people indigrant. Many workers, and workwear dear.

Tighten the disc key or delay.

At the time of starting work, the disc is self-task.

You can use a tree disc with attacks or not.

If you climb into any online store, which trades consumables and see whether there are wood discs with teeth for sawing and processing a tree, then there are simply sea there. So it is possible to use such discs if you can install the disk and straight hands … or legs.