5 Handmade spheres that seem profitable, but they are already late


As stated in the old folk proverb, «love comes and goes, but I always want to eat.» And today we will talk about those spheres of needlework and crafts that are now at the peak of popularity, many masters earn good on them. The beginners seems to make money very easily, but this is a delusion.

Include in these areas late:

Loft furniture.

First, the profit blocked all the most bold expectations. However, with increasing competition, she began to fall gradually. Only over the past three months four workshops closed or recharged. In addition, fashion is so changing the lady that only one loft will not be fed. Preferences of people are changing and loft is no longer so popular as before.

Production of furniture using slab and epoxy resin.

My friend in January was opened by the workshop for the manufacture of tables-rivers. Opened, invested almost 300 thousand rubles in materials and 600 thousand into the instrument, sat without orders, closed.

Laser cutting plywood.

Secondly, the cost of plywood today puts such records that from a muster garbage gradually turned into a semi-precious material. Still a little bit and become precious. VIP clients in beauty salons will be able to offer super expensive plywood wrap.

So, if you want to spend money on the wind — buy a laser cutting machine. There are even a few hundred people on Avito on Avito: you can save well, and train on burning on five thousand dollars.

Handmade soap and chocolate.

The same applies to chocolate.

Every week comes to the mail offer to buy one or another franchise (and this is the indicator that it is no longer worth starting such a business) and equipment for the production of chocolate.

The pleasure of becoming a chocolate in Russia costs from 160 thousand rubles, and the cost of chocolate handmade begins from 269 rubles for Kilo. According to preliminary attacks, income is obtained about what. According to my acquaintance — the heater is not worth it — too big competition: it opened and closed. Now sits at home and shoes over a bunch of expensive equipment.

Fusing and Lampvork — roughly speaking glasswall.

Not at all!

There is an objective reason why enter this needlewget business late: the prices for materials have become not just very high, but too high. That glass that we used to buy 2400 per sheet, now stands just more than 6000.

For some positions, price increases exceeded 5 times!

And it hurts on the wallet. If 200-300 thousand were enough for the workshop of the entry level, now with such a sum, it is better not to start. Get off this needle will not work, since Russia has no color glass, and China is in Africa China — the quality of the «subway glass» is still below the plinth.

One of our acquaintances actively took up the training of glasswoman novice. Her school has released more than fifty new masters. Many of them immediately blocked themselves furnaces, glass and started work in the hope of rapid earnings and recognition. How wrong! Worked
and sell. Now Avito has been put up for sale for three almost new furnaces. Make conclusions.

As always, I do not pretend to truth in the last instance. I do not want to say that there will be nothing more worthwhile in these areas — if there is a good idea and you have already thought out its embodiment, then luck can always turn out face.

As they say, why and yes …