5 facts about working gloves: why the sellers did not talk about it


Once in the morning, to a large engineering plant, on a new, brilliant lacquer Mercedes, the last model drove up the supplier. All plant management, with undisguised envy in a voice, are many times louder than Turkish choir, chorus said:


And only the director, after the morning RAM, withdrew the head of the security service on the side and said quietly:

Check it.

For not a supply supplier who received 60 thousand rubles and worked at the factory just 1 year I could buy a new car for 3.5 million rubles. So it turned out: the reason for the purchase of a new car was the most ordinary workers gloves, but about it at the end of the article …

And now 5 rules on how to choose simple gloves for construction, work on the plot and so on. They are simple, but for some reason no seller says about them, but it would be necessary:

Never take black and chocolate gloves.

Yes, white gloves are getting rapidly dirty, yes, let them look like a waste of mammoth, but everything is perfectly visible.


By the way, that is why all employees of Honda’s assembly workshops go to white clothes and wear white gloves. At first they laughed in them — Belorukov, then they realized that this is the right decision.

Never take synthetic gloves for permanent operation.

Eight years ago, I lay in the hospital and my neighbor in the ward was a man who was cut into the hands. His hands with during dressing I often see in dreams. Starina Freddie Kruger (Hero of the film «Nightmare on Elm Street») with its blades on the glove just a puppy compared to what I saw on live hands.

Brrrr … So why I remembered it …

And one more point: in case of injury, the fibers of X / B fabric do not cause pollution of the wound, and when a dirty synthetic hit, the healing is at times longer.

Never buy the cheapest gloves, especially in ordinary building shops.

As one clever man said:

Disappointment from poor quality lasts much longer than happiness from saved money.

This thought in relation to gloves is applicable by 200%.

The quality of the gloves is determined by the number of threads per inch.

Thread4 and thread5 — this is a lot of money from 10 rubles, a one-time one-time thing, which is intended only for their owner to suffer.

Thread 7.5 is that the doctor prescribed for construction. These are double and pretty thick X / B gloves, which perfectly protect your hand from damage, have durable cuffs and are not cozy in the process of work. Plus warmly warm in winter.


Class10 — a dense knitting, thin thread, they are good for accurate works and synthetics added here, but the price is much higher. Because of this, it is very high likely to run into a fake, when instead of the 10th grade, a thread of 5 of the synthetic is seed.

Class13 — for high-precision work, often with latex obsolet. The price is about 4 times higher. In almost all building stores, you will sell fake instead of such gloves. Therefore, such gloves are better to take in large firms of workwear wholesale. So it will be cheaper and enough for the season.

For one season I take myself ten pairs of thread 7.5 and ten pairs class 10. It is enough with your head for the whole summer and even a couple of times to give humanitarian care to a neighbor.

Well, now about Mercedes and the supplier.

You probably have already guessed … He drove the 13th grade gloves on the enterprise all year, which were actually a fake. They were manufactured by the company of his wife. A four-fold difference between the family tandem put himself in his pocket. When he was fired, the director said one thing:

«If you were caught on securities or someone, you would have become a commercial director, because only a very smart person could think to such a thing. But so badly sailing, arriving at New Merine, only a fool could.