5 facts about Ondulina, the illegal son of the runneroid, which you need to know before applying

In Russia, there are two terrible sects, of which, if they fall into them and God forbid something against, you won’t get alive.

Guess who are these people?

The first sect is the club admirers Toyota Camry 3.5. For his swallow, a beltenious, eternal, powerful, awkward star from the country of the rising sun they will tear any. The only one who was able to get out alive from their tenacious hands is Stas Asafyev (one of the best autobrockers YouTube).

The second sect is still worse than the first — these are fans of St. Ondulin, who can all. In general, everything:

To withstand a degree of magnitude with a bucket 12l? Easily!

Will not leak 300 years without replacement? There are witnesses!

They even say that the Leaf of Ontulin can be defended from the outbreak of the nuclear explosion, and even the ark of Noah was covered with this material.

Well, if seriously, I personally consider Ontulin an excellent building material, but it does not have the qualities that are described in advertising. People buy it, hope for the words of advertisers, and then conclude that the material is «Frank Kaka».

So, what you need to know about Ondulina, so as not to fall asleep:

Service life.

To give a guarantee of 50 years, his creator Gaston has not even wrapped in Haston. That suddenly he can stand up to 50 years old, Ondulin himself learned from an advertising leaflet about himself. Moreover, notice the design «up to 50 years». Here, by the way, it also includes 1 month, and 1 year, and 5 years.

Our manufacturers give a guarantee on Ondulin at 15 years. And he can stand this period. True, the presentable species will lose after 5-7 years, and by 15 years to the roof it will be terribly watching, in some places it can be poured with a finger.

Low price.

And, yes, Ondulin requires a more frequent doom (otherwise it takes off the wind once or two) and the hardware goes at about three times more than the metal (if you do everything according to the requirements). So if you count everything … then the price tag on Ondulin and the professionalist comes out comparable.


Maybe it is so, but the slate does not stink bitumen on a hot sunny day. And Ondulin will always do so in the heat. Stenar under a hot roof is such that I don’t want to climb there at all.


Although many firefighters ondulin love, as it is easily cleaned by the bug and through the roof it is easy to water the insides of the burning house. Only … is it easily from this to the owner, what is the question?

Resistance to mechanical damage.

He holds the wind load so-so, does not hold from the word at all. If the builders did not worry about the more frequent doom and fasteners, then the roof from Ontulin a good wind undresses only so.

The strong sun causes reinforced degradation of the material, so after a couple of years, the edge of the ondulin begins to combine and bend up. Looks like it is necessary to tell you, converting.


Light weight and quick installation.

So, what do we have in a dry residue? As a temporary coating for the house — a good option. But is it worth doing this at a price just below normal coverage? This is another question. As a coating for hozpostroops, sheds, stacks, chicken coopers or cottages — perfect.

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