5 crafts worth do, if there is an earnings in the first place


The author does not claim the truth in the last instance. And even in the penultimate. I express only my point of view. Do not agree? Welcome to Comments! Adequate comments are welcome.

Craft, handmade, needlework and other affairs associated with manual work, people are engaged in two reasons:

This is a hobby when you want to take a free time from the main work. The effectiveness, economic benefit, feasibility, etc. is not important. It’s just a hobby, in which you can pour a huge amount of money, but you can do something at all without money on the knee. If the hungry stomach is not knocking on the bottom of the chin, then you can deal with painting with gold paints on the oil well;

This is an earnings when … when you want to eat and your own skill, your hands and head is the only way to make money. It is in this case that the proverb works for all 100%: how to fill and fall.

Yesterday I was asked a very interesting question:

What craft can be done to go to decent, systematic earnings as soon as possible?

The question is interesting in that now many after 40 years get a job not so that it is difficult, and sometimes impossible. And the only opportunity does not learn the skates — do something.

Own business!


Based on personal experience, including sales, participation in urban, regional, all-Russian fairs, festivals, exhibitions and others … Ah and … Yach will allocate:

Interior items and decor made of wood and metal for home, cottages and garden.

For example, this year I personally faced the fact that in my half-million city nobody is engaged in the manufacture of high-quality pergol, arbors, garden lattices. All that is, done at the level — take or go for all the well-known walking route.

In Miass several years ago, young guys could not get a job with a normal salary, organized their carpentry workshop. Now they are engaged in the manufacture of decor for the cottages of wealthy Chelyabinsks at Oz. Turgoyak.

A year after the opening of the workshop, they tried them to lift the entrepreneur who had previously refused to have to work. Already they sent him on the same route.


Daughter settled in the children’s clinic by the registrar. But at night sits and makes orders. She has full orders! Turn for two and a half months. She has already prepared Voooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, which she needs to develop his business.

Who after that tells me that jewelers are sitting without work … I have already spoken about the route. So it depends on what jewelers.

Production of utilitarian products from wood.

The same guys from Miass at fairs are not shy to sell beer boxes, lunch boxes, picnic boxes, folding tables and wood chairs, boards, crafting packaging boxes.

Again, someone will say:

It is difficult, you need to break through competition.

And who said, what should be easy?

Ceramics and mosaic.

With ceramics more difficult. Ceramists are now a lot. So many. Too much. People were seduced by the visible simplicity of entering this case and rushed to sculpt the author’s ceramics. From their hands, there are sometimes such creations, which are not looking for no tears, and you can simply lose the rest of the vision. But a good master-ceramist, even a beginner, but the taste and feeling of the material quite well, lives.

Recently, we met a girl who left Russia to Turkey. Long sat without money, and my husband was against work. She got a job in ceramics workshop. Having worked and earning there for two years, opened its studio for Russian-speaking. Now she earns many more husband.


But! Such Masters Unit.

We are constantly coming with orders for blowing glass. We want, but we cannot. No time, equipment, money and much more. But we want. Very want to master. Literally three days ago, they were forced to transfer a contract for almost one and a half million rubles to another person. Sorrow! The old Jew rides in me.

And one moment. All I listed above is not a business in the garage with a minimum investment! Tales now do not work. In any case, the instrument and our own training will have to spend not one thousand rubles!

There will be earnings or not — everything depends on the person himself.

In any case, it is better to start and regret once than not to start and constantly regret the missed opportunities!