3 Alternatives to the fence from the tedheva proflist: look more beautiful, cost cheaper


The old people say that once, long ago, in the old days there was such a material called a professionalist and cost him very cheap, so much of the fences in our country were made from it. So the Russians went through the streets of private cottage villages and admired slim mono color stripes.

I do not know if it is true or not, but now a professional is not a cheap material. Going out the other day in the building materials store I got the impression that our metallurgists introduced a new breakthrough coating technique — tin gold ride under the paint. For other reasons, the rise in prices for metal I can not explain.

So if earlier the cheapest option from the fence from the professionalist was only one — to walk around the clock around the house with the Berdannika, now, now, before you put it, you need to think about it 10 times, look into the wallet, think again, and only then something to decide.

And since from the aesthetic side, the professional owl is more like a square Malevich than on Jocona Leonado da Vinci, then something more beautiful and even cheaper can be searched. Without pretending to the Lavra of a fashionable sentence in the field of construction, still a risk to advise three affordable alternatives to the boning proflket:


If there is a sensible to put it and add some money, it may turn out something like this:

If you add a little bit more money and add fantasies in the style of a street cafe, then you can put this masterpiece:

If you combine the tree and the brick base, and the fantasy add more than money, then you can get a masterpiece from simple vertical boards:

Wooden fences look aesthetically, ecoly friendly, sometimes epic. The only one, it must be remembered that without the corresponding quality processing with paint and varnish materials, the village of «CNO» turns into «VNO». After that, it is only to shoot on firewood. Wood fence He as a woman loves care, attention and cash infusion.


In its value, it is not much more expensive to the proflist, but the enclosing structures cease to be similar to the Warehouse DRSU from the village of Lower Guadukino and go to the discharge air-aesthetic. Of the disadvantages of this material, I only know the following:

But in general, it looks beautiful. The material seems to be alone, but the professionalist nervously smokes away.



And if seriously, the Gabions, provided that you make this fence yourself, it turns out at the same level at the price with a straighteness. Well, it can be at all a little more expensive, but not critical.

If you order such a fence through a construction company, then three skins will be sent, because the thing is fashionable, the builders require to squeeze unmerced, and the director of Stroymphirma Mercedes is already old. In short, the mark-up for such fences is + 500% to the material price.

Meanwhile, for the construction of such a fence, the stones can be gained in the nearest river (we simply went to them in the Urals), so that only a stainless steel grid will need from the Urals (we simply need it in the Urals of this grid even more than ever).

In general, one can allocate another very, most cheap material:


My friend lives this for the third year, the main thing before leaving to work everything from the site, so that the playful hands (first of all the neighbors, if not lucky with them) did not carry out a quantum jump of the mangala or a lounger from one site to another (as a rule, neighboring ). You can still hang a sign:

No one knows that in fact, a combat poodle or Bolonka lives in the house or another evil breed type «dog-climb».

So alternatives, the proflist is actually much more than 3-4-5. You can even make such a fence from the simplest slag block that you stop.

What kind of fences do you like?