200 thousand buyers and 940 sellers arrive at the fair.


In the first weekend of August, Elabuga (Tatarstan), a small town on Kame, suddenly becomes three times more. More than 200 thousand people come to the town with 70,000 people (this year came more than 240 thousand), and how many sellers, drivers and all those who arrived at work or trade affairs are not counting.

It was during the first weekend of August that the Spasskaya Fair is held in this city, I will not be afraid of this word, the largest commercial event of Russia in the open sky. Masters of handmade and artisans arrive at this event about a thousand people, all other «trading» times three more. And almost all the masters and entrepreneurs after three days are leaving empty — sales in Elabuga are always very good (pah, ugh, ugh). One hundred or one hundred and fifty thousand in three days is considered an average result in foreign.

But there is one person who earns most of all in Elabuga. Three years in a row. However, this year he did not come. And when I walked along the place where he was always standing, I heard:

-And where is Asadbek?

Where is circuschi?

-Why do not buzz?

-Pad, well, you promised!

-Can be still coming? Late?

Where is the pilaf?

-What will we eat?

For many it was very surprising that this year the Circus «Hazrat Ali» from the city of Osh did not come. This is a small circus tank truck rachmones from Uzbekistan (although they come from Kyrgyzstan), which includes clown, strong-headed, musicians and rope trucks. For more than 20 years in a row, they travel in the summer in Russia, leaving home for the winter.

All the views of their circus are absolutely free, do not want to pay — see so, but if you like it, how much wallet and hearts allow you to pay. Someone pays 10 or 50 rubles, someone puts in a box of five hundred or a thousand.

But not circus numbers make up the lion’s part of the profits. Most of all for the family (and on the fair in general) earns one person — Asadbek.

His goods are the work of cook art, which he prepares on open fire in a huge 350-liter cauldron. Delicious, crumbly pilaf from a real Fergana degree, yes with lamb, yes with barberry and raisins, carrots, loaf and other green, cotton oilmmm …

I am writing these lines, and the saliva has flowed.

Every day Asadbek makes two, or even three bookmarks of the Plov, which are bought by visitors to the fair. The portions are superimposed by large — 300 grams, mone do not save, with two pieces of delicious white bread. One portion is enough for an adult man or woman with a child. Therefore, the pilaf is always a huge queue. Permanent buyers, masters, trading people, drivers, police, security, — everyone goes to Asadbek, knowing that it is delicious, inexpensive, you will not have to sit in the bushes, ohae my stomach pain.

For three days, Asadbek Fair earns «Bir Million Uzuz Kishi», that is, ten times more than the average earnings «TRADER» at the fair. In my opinion, quite deserved. Pure profit, of course, nobody voiced me, but revenue in a million hundred says a lot.

I myself had a small cafe for the whole year, so I know why there is a chaos in the publication of mass events, the high-quality products are found very and very difficult to find. For many in the first place there is profits, and the health of people in this coordinate system is in the last place. Although here we have a clear example, as not saving on products, issuing a quality product, you can earn a reputation and receive stable profits.

We also have in