20 years lived in London, and could not get used to: Features of life in England, which for many Russians in wildness


For many, England seems to be a kinded and super-rich financial center of Europe, where everyone is bathed in money, and life is simple and convenient. A kind of communal paradise: Each Englishman lives in a personal palace, eats for breakfast oatmeal, hides from the Baskerville’s dog and has its own Barrimor.

The reality is a little … how to soften say something else … not like that in the pictures. My good acquaintance 20 years ago, as soon as I received a programmer’s diploma, «rode» to earn money in a foggy Londonchina. Yes, there remains.

We are constantly rewritten, one time I even had Bzik there to move, but the diploma of the philologist and three children with a career in England did not combine in any way … no way. Yes, a lot of things told a lot of things about the communal paradise without hassle and worries, which at the clue turned out to be at all at all.


Separate supply of hot and cold water.

In general, the British are not accustomed to wash under the jet of water, they are more rinsed than they wash. In rare houses there is a shower (by the way, as a rule, it is inserted into the wall).

English windows.

Ba-ba-ms and fracture of two fingers.

After the first treatment of 2400 pounds with fingers and windows, it is necessary to be very careful.

Secondly, in 70% of cases, all these beautiful windows with 1 glass.

In the 21st century with one glass! Not a glass pack, but with glass.

The second frame of someone is provided, but many do not have it. I asked why the second frames do not insert for the winter (as we do), they answered me that the winter was short and to suffer. For example, be in a coat and a warm sweater around the apartment.

Do not get used to comfort!

Very often, especially in historic buildings, these windows are so small that the width of the glass inside the frame does not exceed one or two palms. In the case of which it will not even get out of them.

Very small rooms or very large rooms.

Separate song Municipal Apartment Real Estate. Where emigrants, poor, workers, low-paid staff live in small rooms. In one room, 6-7 Indians can live with an area of 8 square meters. So relatives come to visit them.

But most of all fines the size of the kitchen. We are writing that we have 6 meters in our kitchen crushes and it is closely. All who are sick, blow rapidly in England and live in an old house.

How do you know a kitchen at 3-4 meters?


For there is nothing to eat a lot, let’s do the blow to work, he came to eat whether you see!

But some of the houses have disproportionately large rooms. Just imagine — in the bedroom of meters under 35-40, one of the walls has a bed, with another chair, in the third window, the fourth fireplace.

And that’s all!

Take echo.

No central heating.

In England, many residents of London still drowned … peat briquettes and firewood.

In bathrooms and toilets, heating is often not provided as a fact. On the one hand, it orders it well, the main icicle from the nose and other parts of the body on time to shoot down.

Ventilation. Rather, her absence.

Height of the ceilings.

In the old houses, the ceilings often go to heaven, it seems that the builders repelled the ale and the altitude in the drawing with a width. Especially ridiculous it looks in kitchens 2 * 2 with a ceiling height of 3.70. Worst of all that with such windows and the size of the room, all the warmth rushes up, downstairs remains a frozen tenant. They very much and very considerably.

Thickness. Once again the thickness. And once again the thickness.

Walls inside of two sheets of plasterboard with a total thickness of 50-70 mm can be heard. In general, everything. Sometimes it seems that if you shook on the first floor, you heard all three floors and even birds in the attic.

Inter-storey floors — a separate song. They are made of very thick boards, which are based on the beams. From below, everything is detected by plasterboard. Between these two layers, the insulation is laid … from the air, which is sometimes added mice.

Less frees (Beach of many vintage houses, it is almost impossible to withdraw them).

There are no cockroaches — they brought them out, apparently the «Masha» pencil was imported into a foggy albion.

Fireplace. Real fireplace, not fake as in the photo.

So, if the fireplace is dried, then the heat is recruited pretty quickly. But it also quickly disappears when the firewood is no longer burning. And if you do not coat, the fireplace is becoming ambulance. In some houses, where there is no heating, the heat is provided with 5-6 fireplaces, unfortunately its dealer of the forest or the sawmill to the leased house is not attached.



In many houses, it does not change decades, even despite through holes.

Do not like the hole, comrade an apartment? Change myself!

But most of all fines the carpet in … toilet and bathroom. The floors are even colder there, so the rooms insulate only the carpet. This dikari in the north came up with extrusion, minvatu, batteries and warm floors. And God forbid in the bathroom there will be a leakage and carpet worsens! Heating There, as a rule, no and dampness with mold will pursue the apartment until the summer comes.

But in general, all the delights of the carpet know in such houses, where the former owner loved to make small things, standing at a white brother in full growth. Orded fan. Dried up. Dried up. Once again I was irrigated. Dried again. Dried up. Sprinkled freshener. Only the freshener will gradually disperse, but there is no smell from the carpet. In some toilets, when watching a private house, it is contraindicated — smell like in the poem of Pushkin «Anchar».

One could also have 10 points to voice, but it seems to me, and 9 enough for the eyes to understand the beauty of life in Russia. In 2019, a friend came from his bride to his homeland, and she had the opportunity to look at our habits and utilities. But about this is a separate conversation …