10 disappointments from recreation in Crimea


A few days ago, we returned from Yalta, where they went to «intelligence» and where they spent a total of a half weeks. We traveled almost the whole southern bank, all coastal towns and towns. Crimea we are just fascinated — when we left, there were tears in front of her eyes.

This article is not an attempt to blacken the Crimea, this is the presentation of personal vision of the problems that we met during the trip. You can even say that these are not shortcomings, it is a specificity with which you need to reckon and just take into account. I think that most of these problems will be eliminated with time.

Caedic building a new model.

A lot of natural markets that spoil all the impression of the city. They need or remove, or bring to a normal look. The resort of this level should not look like — this is a question of prestige and explicit flawlessness of local authorities. In my opinion, in Crimea it is worth banning building buildings with a height of more than 3-5 floors, the altitude is categorically contraindicated.

In many places, even on the central embankment completely narrowed.

Even on the central embankment there are many places where you need to make a hand. The photo shows that once these steps were trimmed with wood and they could be sitting. Now there is no tree, everything looks … uncomfortable.

Hamsko-Sovic mentality of single «comrades».

Parking problems.

In many ways, tourists (and some unconscious local comrades) are to blame for the current situation — they put the car under the sign and the grass does not grow. Especially this is sinners of nonresinova: Mersery, Maybahi, cruza just herds graze under the signs of parking forbidden. It is clear, the king came to relax, the king is not doing to the chelyadi.

In some tables, the price is scheduled for 100 gr. in portions, and not for the whole dish.

Too many people in summer, so public transport is loaded to the limit.

The Tavrid’s track although it is open, but only partially.

Bridge, of course, looks bombed. When you are going on him, you realize that this is a mega cool, words from the song of the Leps about the mega-construction come to the mind. But the infrastructure of the Krasnodar Territory is still poorly adapted to ensure the necessary bandwidth in the Crimea.

Many beaches are difficult to access.

Problems with communication and the Internet.

Of course, you can specify much more problems, but, as a rule, it is just the little things for which you can not pay attention at all. For example, many holidaymakers complain about very expensive gasoline in the Crimea. Yes Dear. But the distance in the Crimea is minimal. For all the time we refuel only twice, well, they overpayed a total of 360 rubles. So what? Compared with the total cost of the trip, this is funny — children for ice cream on the road are more spent.

And why only 9 points? — you ask. — Where is the tenth? An article is about ten.

Crimea is too floating in the soul.



Do you hear?


And with what difficulties on the skirt you encountered?